Grand Strategy in the Age of Mass Destruction


Circling the Drain in Baltimore
Commentary for 3 May 2015

The NSA has made a coloring book for kids. Why not? Our intelligence community has been catering to adult children for the last fifty years. Political correctness at the NSA, as with the CIA, long ago reached a level incompatible with national security. The NSA even has an Earth Day mascot/cartoon character. As a provocation, political correctness is a scheme for neutralizing and discrediting America’s most important institutions. Long ago James Burnham explained that latter-day liberalism is the ideology of Western suicide. And who, in the end, will fight for suicide? The NSA and the CIA are now fully committed to this ideology, along with the Republican Party and everything currently “mainstream” or “centrist.” Meanwhile radicals and revolutionaries from Right and Left seek the center's eradication. But first, one overthrows the center by making it ridiculous.

While our NSA is making coloring books, the Russian NSA (FAPSI) is supporting a new disinformation campaign. According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russian signals intelligence intercepted communications between North Caucasus terrorists and U.S. special services in the early 2000s. Putin supposedly confronted President George W. Bush about this. “I’ll kick their asses,” Bush’s told Putin. But this promise was not kept. Putin claims the FSB received a letter from American intelligence chiefs which asserted Washington's right to support opposition forces in Russia.

So why are we hearing about this now? How is this revelation to be interpretted? By accusing the United States of supporting violent opposition forces in Russia, Putin is subtly but unmistakably claiming the right to support violent opposition forces in the United States. This is important to keep in mind, especially as we watch the rioting in Baltimore.

My own research suggests that the Russians have been infiltrating the far Right in the United States, as well as the Left and Center. Long ago, Russian influence agents had a significant impact on urban black malcontents. Think back to the Black Panthers. But the present black rioting is part of a more complex provocation game. It is not simply that the Russians plan on supporting the blacks and the revolutionary Left. Would it surprise you to learn that Russia recently hosted a conference of white supremacist and pro-white intellectuals in St. Petersburg? In a 26 March 2015 article titled American White Supremacists Attend Russian Nationalist Conference we read, “…white supremacists in the U.S. have embraced Putin for encouraging nationalism.... These extremists believe that Putin and Russia represent the antithesis of the global, multicultural, modern society represented by America and Western Europe.”

A serious provocation game is well underway. In terms of Americans fighting Americans, Moscow has positioned itself to support either side. And you can bet the manner of support will be to Moscow’s advantage. Anyone who plays this game is not serving their country, but serving the divide-and-conquer strategy of a hostile power. This is a game that also involves the old Nazi International. Do not be fooled about Nazism. It is not dead, and there is every reason to believe it will be revived – on Moscow’s terms.

While the NSA makes coloring books for children the KGB has been making Nazis from an old Russian recipe. Watch closely and learn.