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Need Help Viewing Preview Video or Website?

Having trouble accessing the embedded video stream of the What We Think preview or viewing any other content on the jrnyquist.com website? Have any other questions relating to the What We Think DVD, or to any other products offered at the Nyquist Productions store? Check out our Common Problems and FAQ below.

Common Problems

When I click on the Preview button, nothing happens.

There are two possible causes for this:

  1. Your browser does not support javascript.
  2. Your browser or security software is preventing you from opening any kind of popup window

To get around the first issue, use a browser that supports javascript (preferably Safari on Windows and Mac OS X, Firefox on Linux). If your browser or security software won't allow you to access popup windows, disable the popup blocker or try control clicking on the Preview button.

The Video of the What We Think preview plays, but I don't get any sound.

Check to make sure that your computer's internal sound is on and that your volume is turned up. Also check to see if your computer speakers are turned on. Make sure that your volume is turned up on the quicktime control pane by clicking the speaker icon on the lower left hand corner of the media window.

The web page appears all garbled, and many of the links don't work.

You are either using an old, outmoded browser or there's something with your browser or system settings. This site is tested in Windows Internet Explorer 6 and 7, Firefox, Safari, and Opera 9. To insure the best experience on this site, we recommend using Safari, which runs on both Windows XP and Windows Vista or in Mac OS X.

When I click on the HQ Video link on the jrnyquist.com home page, and I get a popup window but there is no video and I'm told that I am missing a plugin.

The high quality stream of the What We Think Preview requires Quicktime 7, which only runs on the latest versions of Windows XP and Windows 2000, or on Mac OS 10.3.9 and 10.4.x. Quicktime 7.x is available for free at apple.com.

The rss links don't work. In Firefox, nothing appears; Internet Explorer 7.0 says it can't display feed because the feed contains errors; in Internet Explorer 6, all I get is unreadable, unformatted text. What is wrong?

RSS is only supported in the newer versions of Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It is not supported in older browsers, including Internet Explorer 6. If you try to open up an rss feed in an older browser, you'll get an unformatted xml file, unreadable by normal people. Now the issue of the jrnyquist.com feeds not working in Firefox and Internet Explorer 7.0 relates to the engine that writes the rss feed, which is only in its alpha stage and obviously needs work. It does, however, work fine in Safari, and for this reason, we recommend Safari as the optimal browser for viewing jrnyquist.com.


Is the What We Think documentary available as a download?

No, not at the present time. It is only available as a DVD-R, playable on most DVD players.

Where can I get additional information on the What We Think documentary?

Contact us at nyquistprod@sbcglobal.net.

How accurate or representative is What We Think documentary of the attitudes of college age adults in America?

We believe it is representative of intelligent and articulate college age adults "in general."

Will there be a theatrical release of What We Think?