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From the Friend's of the Czech Republic


    When he publicly advertised the famous words "The truth will win over the lie and hatred," president Havel was just feeding the nation with empty words. Empty words from a "famous playwright and humanist" who dares to face the democratic world without any sign of guilt whatsoever. And yet, he is the one who sold his nation back to communists, who collaborated with them from the very start and made them part of his government, who is turning a blind eye on corruption and unjustifiable matters … all for a small taste of power given to him by former hardliners. He literally went from jail to the Castle … not as a president the nation could be proud of, but as a keeper and protector of the former oppressors. What a marvelous actor!

    His presidential term is nearly over, and he knows it. He already plans to spend the rest of his days with his family by the ocean in Portugal, where he owns a nice villa. Just recently he has bought another one for his wife's daughter. He is not going to find his peace there, though. Citizen Havel may leave his betrayed nation behind, he may even leave behind the evil gin which he never tried to put back in a bottle, although he had the power to do so … but he will never be free of his guilty conscience, and one day he will have to stand the Final Judgement.

    The recent case of Vladimir Hucin will be surely mentioned there too. Havel must be certain of the fact that a great injustice is being exercised in this case, where no true evidence at all has been produced so far, and new charges and accusations are being fabricated just to keep Hucin locked up. Everybody knows it is wrong. But Havel remains deaf and blind. Nothing new, you might say. Just more spit in the face of a nation he expects to honor him. He seems to be forgetting that respect must be deserved. On the other hand, he has forgotten so much.

    Nobody likes to take their washing some place else, but when all the means and measures have been exhausted "at home," and when the life of an innocent person is at stake, there is no other choice but to seek some help internationally, to call for an international public and official intervention, to cry very loudly for justice. And this is what we are doing for Vladimir Hucin right now.

    Vladimir Hucin has been standing up against and fighting communism all his life. He was sixteen years old when Russian tanks rolled into our country in August, 1968. His first encounter with tyranny and injustice came in 1971, when he was accused of disturbing a communist meeting held in a restaurant. This was a special meeting, celebrating 50 years of Communist Party activism in Central Europe. Hucin was 19 years old then, and went to this restaurant to buy himself a Coke. There he was attacked by drunk commies who dragged him to the rest rooms where they bashed his head against the toilet until the toilet bowl broke. Accused of disturbing the peace and of wearing longer hair, he was punished by being given the sentence of 10 months in a house of correction. For Hucin it meant only a stronger determination to fight this evil system.

    In 1976, framed by corrupted StB (secret police) collaborator ANTONIN MIKES (StB cover name "ELIAS"), Hucin was arrested, charged with several counts of subversion, and given a jail sentence. Charged with subversion, Hucin was sentenced again in 1983. With his anticommunist activities Hucin uncovered the StB ties of the already mentioned MIKES, who was also working with the KGB. There is evidence of this fact in the District of Olomouc Court of Justice, Conviction files, Ref. no. 8C 13/91 of July 21st, 1993.

    During the oppressive communist regime, Hucin spent 40 months behind the prison walls. During the "democratic" (headed by communists) regime, Hucin is being held in police custody for more than 5 months already (since March 7th)!!


    With political "changes" in our republic after November 1989, Hucin was recommended by the then active Civic Forum and Confederation of political prisoners to act as a chairman of the Civic Committee. The Main task of this Committee was to clear the Czech security forces of all the Stb agents and their collaborators.

    Considering his evident and generally known activities during the communist oppression, the Confederation of political prisoners awarded him with the J. A. Komensky Award and recommended him for work in the Czech Intelligence Service, called BIS (Czech abbreviation), where he subsequently worked with the rank of captain for almost ten years. There he became a subject of attacks carried out by extreme leftists. Their argument was that Hucin was not completely rehabilitated yet. It seems that the process of rehabilitation in this country is still supervised by former hardliners.

    Why was Hucin not rehabilitated for such a long time?

    It was held against him that during his subversive anticommunist activities he had in his possession some firearms, which was considered illegal. Hucin´s argument was the fact, that after his personal experience with Stb agents, he just had to be armed for his own protection. His enemy was, among others, the well armed People´s Militia, which is well known as an unlawful organization. Years ago this organization terrorized people who did not comply with communist doctrine. 

    The Main reason why it took so long for Hucin to be rehabilitated is the sad reality that many state prosecutors and judges (not only on regional levels) are evidently connected to the communist ideology and Stb officials, regardless of the fact that a Law on the unlawfulness of the communist regime has been in force for quite a while.

    Early in January Hucin was given a two-month notice by his employer without any explanation at all, not one single reason mentioned. Within this two-month period, his employment with BIS was instantly terminated by the date of February 16th, 2001, although Hucin was at that time on sick leave. 

    Director of BIS, RUZEK, later explained that the reason behind this employment termination was that Hucin did not comply with orders to name his informants –- his sources. Hucin appealed against it straight away. The matter has not been dealt with yet, he has not received any reply. In his appeal he pointed out the Law on BIS, namely Regulation §15/3, Code of Laws No. 154/94, where, on the contrary, the source protection is obligatory. During his service with BIS, Hucin was considered the best officer there was. In reference to this matter, the former Chief of BIS, lawyer STANISLAV DEVATY, publicly announced that Hucin was one of his best men, and that his psycho-tests were always classified as the top ones. 

    Today, even two of his former colleagues are being prosecuted. They cooperated with Hucin both on communist and rightist extremism. 

    Prosecution also threatens CASTECKA, former director of BIS in Olomouc, Hucin's immediate superior officer. He was very mysteriously removed from his office at the end of last year. He said openly of Hucin that he was the hardest working officer who carried out his duties with utmost care and attention. For these words he now faces a prosecution! 

    It is almost unbelievable to see our society being manipulated and controlled by those who evidently compromised themselves with the former communist regime. The fact that the former officers and collaborators of the Stb together with former members of the oppressive Communist Party hold the highest state and public positions in the country is truly alarming!

    The governing party of socialist democracy compromises itself with minister of State Department JAN KAVAN (StB cover name "KATO"), Secretary of the Interior STANISLAV GROSS (former active member of the Czechoslovak Socialist Youth Movement), SLOUF (former collaborator in totalitarian regime, today a personal adviser to Prime Minister ZEMAN), etc. This is definitely not the kind of socialist democracy which can be seen in other European countries.

    Communists and left-wingers of today use the public dissatisfaction with the outcome of the "Velvet Comedy" to their own advantage. 

    On March 7th, 2001 between 7.30 and 8.00 a.m., Vladimir Hucin leaves his family for the doctor's office where he is due for some special kind of test. He has developed problems with his blood pressure some time ago. On the way there he is arrested and his family is left without any knowledge of the situation for the whole day. 

    Approximately around 6.00 p.m., 30 policemen arrived, together with a handcuffed Hucin. They began a house search – no third party was allowed to be present. This police raid lasted almost 14 hours! Hucin was present all this time and handcuffs were not taken off at all, not for a single minute.

    During the house search police found a document, a fuse and some ammunition –- a few of the cartridges were supposedly for a machine gun. (Hucin is a holder of a legal gun licence). In the document there was a report on anticommunist activities back in 1989.  Hucin´s name was mentioned in this document.

    In his mother´s flat (she lives in the same house as Hucin) police found two small-bore rifles and some cartridges. Hucin´s mother was keeping those for an old family friend who had to go to the hospital and never came back. He died some years ago. So these guns and ammunition stayed where he had left them. 

    Hucin's mother, ANNA HUCINOVA, was later charged with illegal gun possession. These charges were consequently dropped though, after she was granted a presidential pardon by Havel, which she accepted with thanks. Anna Hucinova is a 73 yrs old woman.

    The police raid against Hucin ended at 7.15 a.m. the following day and police with a handcuffed Hucin left. Around 10.00 a.m. several policemen and pyro-technists arrived to search the nearby Jewish cemetery. No civilians were allowed to enter the site at the time of this unannounced raid, which lasted a few hours. 

    There is a leftist newspaper called NOVE BRUNTALSKO in this problem region, and its publisher plays an important role in the Hucin case. His name is LUDVIK ZIFCAK, extreme left-winger, former StB officer, now chairman of the Communist party in that district. Zifcak is the one who played so well his StB role of "dead student RUZICKA" during the famous student demonstrations in 1989. 

    In his newspaper Zifcak releases a lot of biased and false information concerning this case. He also publicly promotes the extreme left-wing which is an unlawful activity according to Czech law.

    On this cemetery raid he wrote that "police found such a great amount of explosives which would be sufficient to destroy several buildings."

    The police report says they found one plastic bottle and a white plastic fragment "possibly from a fuse."

    The above is a clear example of police methods used in Hucin case, their lack of evidence upon which they are trying to keep Hucin behind bars.

    Based on a request made by state Prosecutrix LENKA SROMOVA and with the approval granted by judge of district court in Prerov EMILIE RICHTEROVA, on March 9th Hucin was taken into custody which is located within the prison called PANKRAC in Prague. RICHTEROVA backed her decision by "strong worries" that Hucin, if left free, could influence potential witnesses. (Please compare this "worry decision" to decisions in those well-known cases of KOZENY –- Harvard Funds, ZELEZNY –- TV Nova, and so many others who were left free. There is no sense in naming them all; maybe some other time. Good reading guaranteed.)

    Hucin has two defence lawyers, MILAN HULIK and STANISLAV DEVATY, who both right from the very start protested against eminently odd procedures used during the investigations.
They both share the same anger, frustrations a worries over the following facts:

  1.     - They are prevented from seeing their client (!!) 
    The Law says that a defence lawyer can visit his client anytime of the day and night (24 hours). Therefore all those preventions and restrictions applied by state prosecutrix SROMOVA are unlawful and subjects of prosecution!
  2.     - They are not allowed to see Hucin´s file whenever they wish or need to do so.
  3.     - The Police several times announced to the press that Hucin was a suspect in the Prerov bombings, but no charges were laid and no evidence was provided. To this day he is being prosecuted and held in custody for something which is, at the most, generally classified by our legal system as a minor offence/misdemeanor. Alternative charges are feverishly sought after in order to justify Hucin´s prosecution and detention. 
  4.     - The office of Dr. CHMELAR (Hucin's G.P.) was visited by director of BIS inspection PANAS and another man when only the doctor's nurse/assistant was present. They requested Hucin´s medical records and these were handed to them by the nurse. They also wanted to check the doctor's PC, but this time the nurse objected and did not let them open the computer files. PANAS then threw his business card on the desk with arrogant words that he expects the doctor to call him as soon as possible. The doctor reported this unlawful behavior at the State prosecution office in Prerov on March 7th, 2001. He has not received any letter yet, which would say that this matter is going to be dealt with. (!!)

    One peculiarity is followed by another. Defence lawyer HULIK says that he never before faced such odd circumstances and restrictions, not even during totalitarian times. 

    Vladimir Hucin has six criminal charges pressed against him so far:

  1.     not obeying orders
  2.     illegal possession of firearms
  3.     unlawful handling of classified information
  4.     misconduct
  5.     scare-mongering
  6.     fraud accessory

    ad1) There are no grounds for these charges as already explained above (protection of an informant). For not giving up names of his informants, Hucin should be promoted, not sacked and prosecuted.

    ad2) No evidence whatsoever. The two firearms were found at Hucin mother's place, she was charged and later pardoned by the president. And as mentioned before, Hucin is a holder of a legal gun licence.

    ad3) Classified information is in this case composed of names and addresses of StB agents and collaborators. The List of these was published by PETR CIBULKA a long time ago. It is still available in printed form on the Internet to anyone interested. There are again no grounds for these charges. Hucin used some of the data in his rehabilitation case and also in his work.

    ad4) + ad5) Hucin instructed one specific person to spread word of extreme leftist activities in the region of northern Moravia via media, public, state bodies, etc. Was this "fear-mongering"? No! Everyone in this country reads the newspapers every day about such activities going on, and not just in northern Moravia. (!!)

    ad6) These charges go back to the time of Hucin's sick leave. When he was taken into police custody a prison doctor cancelled Hucin's health incompetency, although Hucin suffers from very high blood pressure. And, naturally, if he was on a sick leave, prescribed by his G.P., he was receiving some money from public health insurance onto his bank account. How could he possibly do something about it when he is held behind bars?? What a joke!

    One must wonder, why (with the same painstaking effort) the police do not investigate and prosecute those criminals who deliberately and willfully sabotage today's democratic development in the Czech republic.

    Vladimir Hucin pointed out the growing threat of extreme leftists headed (in his region) by Ludvik Zifcak –- already mentioned above as the StB "dead student Ruzicka" -– former StB officer who today leads the Communist party of Czechoslovakia, the Czechoslovak labor party, and which proclaims to fight in both a parliamentary and non-parliamentary way, aiming to nationalize larger industry and promising to bring all the people responsible for democratic development to the Court of Justice!

    What is this non-parliamentary way?

    Zifcak's colleague DAVID PECHA directly indicated that as a last resort this could be open warfare -- i.e., violence.

    Right on the day when the Czech republic joined NATO (March 12th, 1999), the police station in Prerov-Predmosti exploded. One policeman (Stanislav Podeprel) died during this bomb attack. Leftists publicly hold Hucin responsible for this, which, of course, is nonsense. 

    At a time when communism has already been lawfully declared criminal, ZUZANA RUJBROVA, member of the "new" Communist party in the Czech republic, sits as a member in the Committee for BIS control (!!), and publicly speaks of Hucin, saying that he was a terrorist during the former regime and that he remains one today.

    The connection of the parliamentary Communist party with the extreme left-wing is well-known. It is more than clear that Rujbrova should not be in such a committee at all.

    Vladimir Hucin denies all these charges brought up against him, declaring them to be intentional fabrications. He says he eventually become "undesirable" for stressing the fact that former Communist hardliners control the State administration.

    He said (upon the court's rejection of public hearings): 

    In my view, the exposing of communist crimes should be done openly in front of the public and media. I understand that the conspiracy prepared against me with the help of the BIS, police and state prosecution office, is remarkably cunning. But already today I am certain that the time will come when I will become a winner, and when the charges will be pressed against those who fabricated all this. These are communist criminals who are hiding behind the veil of democracy, and who till this day in various posts operate on the highest levels. I was working on the problems of subversion, malfunction of the state administration, and I have come across some very disturbing information which also relate to the state prosecution office in Prerov, and I can prove it. That is why I had to be put in confinement, that is why this conspiracy developed. The document found during the official search of my home is called 'The Report on enemy subversive activity of individuals and groups within antisocialist forces in the Prerov district.' This report was elaborated in 1989 on activities carried out by opponents of regime, and in which my name repeatedly figures as a name of an important person engaged in anticommunist operations. The document is signed by chief of StB in Prerov ZDENEK BLAHETA, who is a close acquaintance of the present state prosecutor. This is what I wanted to add to the charges of unlawful handling of classified information, because, state prosecutor, sir, it is only a matter of time when it will all come out. Former StB agents with cover names are used for the fabrication of new charges. For example a certain person with cover name JOSEF DVORAK." [Note: He is JIRI METELKA of Prerov, close colleague of the former StB officer Ludvik Zifcak.]

    Vladimir Hucin is still held in custody, and several requests lodged by his defence lawyers to free him were rejected by investigator ONDREJ STARY and judge EMILIE RICHTEROVA. To make matters worse, judge RICHTEROVA has recently approved the investigator's proposal for "examining the mental state" of Hucin. She justified this decision by saying, after the totalitarian fashion: "The criminal activity of Hucin is so extensive, and BIS is such an important institution, that the examination of Hucin´s mental state is only proper." (Regardless of the fact there are no convictions and no evidence!)

    VLADIMIR HUCIN, victim of the conspiracy, refuses to undergo this type of examination voluntarily. There is also a rumor making the rounds that they have already tried to drug Hucin in prison.

    The current plan, it seems, is to place Hucin in a mental institution for "observation." This possibility had to be approved by judge. She did not waste any time. ONDREJ STARY, investigator, said: "There are signs showing the need to examine the mental state of the accused. But he refused, and therefore I requested a court order so he could be examined in an institution. I am convinced this is for his own good."

    Hucin´s lawyer (Devaty) objected, saying that all intelligence officers had to pass the special psycho-tests on a regular basis. He noted: "Hucin´s tests were always in complete order. Expert opinions do not indicate anything wrong. I fear they want to deprive him of his legal capacity, and by doing so, they could smartly close this case."

    The arrest and detention of V. Hucin disturbs opponents of the former totalitarian regime, who keep asking the president, parliament and other official bodies, friends and public abroad for help.

    In the Czech republic, Hucin is supported by civic committees, political parties Right Bloc and KAN, all the branches of Confederation of political prisoners and the general public.


Hana Catalanova and Friends, Czech Republic