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Subj: The Argument for Aristocracy
Date: 8/30/01 9:42:34 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Eric.Sanders@equifax.com 
To: jrnyquist@aol.com 

Dear Mr. Nyquist:

    You've written a mildly-interesting introduction to an essay that might be instructive. The question it begs, of course, is "quo vadis?" What, precisely, do you suggest? Constitutional amendment? Violent conquest? Revolution? What "aristocracy" do you nominate -- who are the aristocrats whose boots you yearn to lick?

    Or are you one of the pretenders to the purple?

    In this country, we are not created equal in outcome: we are created equal before the law. No one enjoys legal privilege over any other -- at least, in theory. No one is supposed to enjoy perquisites by birth; no one is supposed to acquire property by conquest. The roots of aristocracy find only sand in the United States - or, at least, that's how it's supposed to be.

    If you are so enamored (enamoured?) of the aristocratic ideal, perhaps you should move to England. Be careful: we threw one crowd of arrogant bastards out two centuries ago, and a lot of us are still armed and ready for anything.

Eric C. Sanders
Roseville, Michigan

JRN Replies

Dear Mr. Sanders,

    Perhaps you've missed my overall message. 

    In all probability a hungry little Chinese soldier is coming to a neighborhood near you. Poor as uncooked rice when he arrives, he will want to be your new landlord. Of course, the United States military will have been nuked by the time he appears on your doorstep. But hey, you are "ready for anything" and I am sure you can deal with him. (Just clip him with your credit card.) 

    Best of luck to you and your fellow mall rats.   


Subj: rugged mountain, ...response to: recent WND aristocracy piece
Date: 8/30/01 2:24:11 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: kobuk@olypen.com (Rugged Mountain)
To: jrnyquist@aol.com (jr nyquist)

what is going on in the world is this...

...the bad guys are taking over

...they are moving in

...this mafia style operation includes bad angelics, demons, and not just bad people

...God has set the stage for their final end of time destruction, and so here they come

...like lemmings, now is their big rush towards the cliffs overlooking the abyss.

...they are as foolish as ever, and utterly defiant to the very end


All men are created equal at their time of creation.

The most important concept of human life, after conception, is where the child goes from there.

Does the child eventually end up in heaven, or end up in hell.

Equal creation is the starting line, after that, it's on with the race we call life.

Everybody is given an equal shot at eternal life, because God wants no one to perish.

What a man does after he is created equal, is his own chosen destiny.

The bottom line is, God gives every human equal love, value, and opportunity to believe.


...you have the opportunity, as all writers do, to look at the world from two opposite perspectives.

...looking from the bottom up

...or looking from the top down

I suggest you position yourself at the very edge of the created universe, and work your way back to earth.

By the time you get here and begin the process of writing about man, you will be far less at risk of being tricked by this one particular world's unique illusions.

JRN Replies

Dear Rugged Mountain,

I think... (sigh)

My space cadet decoder ring is busted.