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Subj: Origins of the 4rth WW
7/21/01 12:09:03 PM Pacific Daylight Time    
From: RBUROOOO@worldnet.att.net (Richard Burnett)
To: JRNyquist@aol.com 

This book shall join those other amazingly wrong-headed books as ... the "Third World War" series that came out in the late 1970's, along with Weinberger's book on future war, etc. I'll tell you where [you went wrong] presently -- Russia and China have been on again off again since the Tsar took Siberia. The combined rump states of the old communist bloc couldn't together cook up a suitcase bomb or virus on their very best day. To ignore the fact that Fidel is a near dead relic, with his regime to be swept away after his death, that the N. Koreans will starve before they attack, and that they are talking to the West, that the Russians, etc., have not only repudiated the "Soviet" but also the Tsars, and that the Chinese are not the stuff that Mao had, is to simply take a very narrow and distorted view of that world.

Communism does exist, in the minds of certain Western historians and writers, and nowhere else. These are the apologists for the "Socialist experiment" who are as big a bunch of deniers as David Irving about the Nazis -- but the actual brick and mortar states do not really exist anymore.

So your book will join the other counterfactual books -- to the trash can begone!

Dear Mr. Burnett,

I hope you are right.  


P.S. -- I wonder, though. Did you do me the courtesy of reading the book before denouncing it?  Perhaps it is your habit to defend what you do not know against what you have have not read? 

Subj: To: Jeff Nyquist
Date: 7/18/01 10:45:48 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: Smshdw@aol.com 
To: feedback@sierratimes.com, jr@sierratimes.com 

To: Jeff Nyquist: 

I just read your article on the "Greenies." Might I suggest that you are in serious need of Psychiatric Therapy. Also, stop smoking those funny cigarettes ... you know what I mean? Do I have to draw you a diagram or a picture and explain it to you? Get a Life ... stop writing distorted editorials. 

Dear "Get a life":

I'm not adverse to a quick cure.  What sort of psychiatric therapy do you have in mind?  And no, I don't know what you mean about smoking funny cigarettes.  Could you draw me a diagram?  Your expertise in this matter is most appreciated.


Subj: Meet The Greenies
Date: 7/18/01 1:19:56 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: sandysprite@ix.netcom.com (Sandra Bell)
To: feedback@sierratimes.com, jr@sierratimes.com

Jeff, You are a handsome looking guy and you write well. I just want to share with you that all who are concerned about planetary health and over-population are not eccentric hypocrites of the Mr. and Mrs. Greenie type. I thought they weren't married. 

Did you make them up? 

I am a fifty-six year old woman who tries to walk my talk, and I don't talk it and bore everyone with it all the time. Yes I do recycle whenever I can -- even clothing, but I always look well-groomed and normal like any other American. 

I totally believe in marriage with a mom and a dad heading the family, and we added only one child to the 5.5 billion human count. Yes, we are vegetarians because it is the healthiest choice for our bodies, the planet, the world hunger problem, and the billions of purpose bred animals who would never be here if it weren't for the animal factories. 

We could and should feed the hungry. There are enough resources here for all to be fed if we manage sanely and compassionately. 

Too bad "New Age" has been given such a bad name by the ones who are "out there" living in a pink bubble. I see good points in many philosophies. I can love ALL who reside here on the planet. It does not have to be a choice between humans, trees or animals. There is room for all to be living in peace and balance.

Can we agree that there are too many animals and too many humans being born on earth everyday? There are too many unwanted, unloved children being born to unthinking, drug-addicted, uncaring humans. That problem leads to societal breakdown -- poverty, lack of education and enrichment, criminality and widespread depression. 

Without starving anyone, we need more programs to educate people that it isn't necessary or fair to their families or the future state of the world to be having ten and twelve offspring. I know it says in the Bible to "go out and multiply" but that was thousands of years ago when there were two and a half people on the earth. I don't think it is the directive anymore. 

I also am a firm supporter of the Constitution and would fight to the death for the Second Amendment. So you see, you can't really put everybody in a strict category. It is very possible to be a green, freedom-loving, normal American. By the way, if we Americans were the only ones using wood for out homes it wouldn't be so bad. What is too bad is that we are cutting down our trees (even the ancient ones) to send tons of wood to Japan and other countries. Just like the cattle ranches, many of which are owned by Japanese cowboys polluting our land to send animal flesh to their country of origin. Did you know that the incidence of cancer and heart disease was next to nothing in Asian countries before the rich, fatty American diet was introduced there. 

Regarding who is winning -- I don't see it as a fight. I think basically we all want to thrive, and I hope we can all work together for the good of all. Healthfully yours, 


Dear Sandra,

Many thanks for the explanation.  I understood much of it, except the part about the two and a half people.  Perhaps you could explain that when I'm a little older.


Subj: Meet The Greenies
Date: 7/17/01 3:10:47 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: srlittle@bellsouth.net (Shana Little)
To: feedback@sierratimes.com, jr@sierratimes.com 

I do understand that there are people out there that do believe the dribble that they spew forth, but it does come from both sides of the spectrum.

Being a liberal doesn't always mean that all things green and four legged should rule the world and that being conservative means that all should be moral.

There are always shades of gray.

S. Little

Dear S. Little,

I was going to write a column on "Meet the Grays," but they're so dull and lifeless I changed my mind.  



Subj: FDR/Pearl Harbor
Date: 7/17/01 7:34:10 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: tomcat1689@yahoo.com (Chris Hilton)
To: jr@sierratimes.com

I read through your article on FDR and his actions which started us into WWII. I, first of all, congratulate you for understanding that he did in fact let Pearl Harbor happen. Although, I must rebuke you for playing emotional BS. 

The third to last paragraph of your essay is what I refer to. Come on, I have heard countless liberals play the old ends justify the means garbage. The fact is, they do not. Does JFK's murder justify the safety [we got out of it] from his bad leadership? Does gun control (assuming it worked, which it does not) justify taking our rights? I could go on, but I think you get the point.

Also, if you would like to hear the crybaby story of the other side, here goes: What do you think the families of the 2,000 soldiers who died at Pearl Harbor think? Or maybe the airmen who served in the Eighth, would their families want them a live? How about the men who gave their lives on Omaha Beach? Or perhaps the ones who died on Omaha beach cause FDR ripped away their freedom by starting us into the war and calling the draft?

The crybaby whiny garbage goes both ways. So let's use our brains and not our emotions. FDR brought us into war, without consulting the people he was supposed to REPRESENT. FDR then covered it up, like the coward he was. Then we must question his motives. Did he do it to help his friend Winston Churchill? Did he do it for Political and historical fame? Did he do it cause he didn't like Japanese people( that one is kind of a stretch)? Or, did he do it cause he thought he knew what was best for us? The last time I checked, declaring war is not part of the Presidents job. Neither is illegal cover ups, and ruining the careers of decent officers to do it.
FDR was a criminal, whether it turned out better in the end or not. He still wronged his country that he swore to preserve. FDR was a traitor to the governed.

"Laissez Faire,"
Chris Hilton

Dear Mr. Hilton,

President Roosevelt didn't declare war on Japan, the United States Congress did. It should be emphasized that Japan attacked the United States with full force.  It also should be remembered that Roosevelt didn't make the Japanese into crazy militarists.  That's how he found them.  Without the prodding of Roosevelt, Japan had already attacked China, Korea, Manchuria and Russia.  The out-of-control aggression of Japan is well documented, and FDR had every right to cut off their oil.  As Marshal Chiang Kai-shek said at the time, one drop of gasoline to Japan signified gallons of Chinese blood.  This statement is not mere emotionalism.  It reflects the strategic realities of the time.  The Japanese Empire was brutal and ruthless.  In the long run, war with Japan was coming.  Under the circumstances of the time, had we waited for Germany, Italy and Japan to wipe out the British and Russians and Chinese, the result would have been strategic encirclement.  Under such circumstances, Fortress America would have found doubtful allies to the south, and only Canada to the north.  

All things considered, the war brought other benefits to our country besides allies in Europe and Asia.  It brought us victory and put an end to the New Deal.  


Date: 7/9/01 6:35:37 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: LeeScherm
To: JRNyquist

Dear Mr. Nyquist:

I'm having some difficulty with part of your ideology. Most of what you write is great stuff; however, you lose me when you start talking about things not being so bad. I know, you'd say I was after a "Utopian" existence. What many Americans are ready to literally go to war over is the corruption in government. Not that it hasn't been there all along, it's just so rampant now that it can no longer be ignored. We thought it would change when we got a new leader and a new administration. It has not. I know, it's only been about 130 some days, give the man a chance. I'd love to. Nothing we have seen from this administration so far, indicates a change for the better. The cover-ups continue from the FBI; Colin Powell says STUPID things like we should embrace the goals of the UN and that Castro isn't so bad -- come on! Cameras are focused on us -- our right to privacy is going fast; the rights of the sucker fish are more important than people; where is the budgetary increase for our defense (your hot button); our borders are open creating all kinds of havoc of which you are aware -- to name a few grievances. 

Things like this make people angry, Mr. Nyquist. It doesn't make them stupid because their sense of decency and outrage has been provoked. 

We should not measure what we have or don't have in this country by what the rest of the world has or does not have. Just because most of the rest of the world chooses to live with a despotic government, does NOT mean that Americans should be content with liars, cheats and extortionists! Just because most of Europe has chosen security over freedom, does not mean we should do the same. Now they have neither. 

The price of freedom is vigilance. Many of us have been vigilant and have worked tirelessly -- long before the Clinton years. Never before has the escalation toward the total loss of our rights as a free people been so compromised on so many fronts. The loss of our sovereignty in the name of "free trade" is a travesty! Yes, we can buy a lot of cheap crap made in China but when one truly considers the cost, it's anything but advantageous to the US.

Mr. Nyquist, we're not stupid, we just want what we used to have. Admittedly some -- OK, most -- took for granted, but we're waking up. I just hope it's not too late. 

Dear Mr. Scherm,

I doubt that a significant percentage (like even 1 percent) of Americans are ready to go to war over the corruption of the government.  Perhaps people are sensible enough to realize that such a war, things being what they are, would never end.  Besides, nearly everyone today is busy shopping and having fun.  I should also like to say that any golden age you list will likely pale in comparison to what we now enjoy.  But then, would you accept the thesis that there never was a golden age, or that humanity in general is full of beans?


Date: 7/10/01 9:19:33 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: schizo@bellsouth.net 
To: JRNyquist@aol.com 

["blah" in the subtext below is used as a necessary shortening in Schizo's vast conspiratorial cake. As cakes should be sweet, and shorter is sweeter, I trust that Schizo will kindly forgive a chef's -- or a Jeff's -- editorial touch.]

Communism is NOT a movement of the downtrodden masses. It is a movement created, manipulated and used by Power Hungry Billionaire Vampires in order to gain control of the world: First by establishing Socialist Governments in various [blah, blah]; Then consolidating them ALL through a "Great Merger" into an All Powerful, World Socialist, Superstate, Probably under the guise of the United Nations.


Again, Capitalism and Communism are really two integrated parts of the SAME SYSTEM. This system works towards the complete control of Earth's resources and
the populations.... The real leaders are Not the presidents of each Nation. They are a secret, Ruling Elite who MANIPULATE GOVERNMENTS through ECONOMIC POLITICS.

...[blah, blah, blah] The vast multitude of prisoners spiritually rotting behind the sleek and sterile walls of modern American prisons are suffering from a very different type of oppression than physical --- indeed, an oppression that many would consider infinitely more cruel than physical brutality.

Though the Materialistic Freedoms of ... [blah, blah]. The people living within the Communist system are kept in the Physio-psychological state of Brute Need.
The people under the Communist Guise are ... [blah, blah, blah, blah]. The modern purveyors of American television got their education from the Nazis, who ... [blah, blah, blah]. The Media Mobsters of today make the Nazis look like
pathetic amateurs in their ... [blah, blah, bah!]. 

MY PROOF: the Media coverage of the Gulf War. The American people were completely misinformed ... [blah, blah, exclamation, exclamation, exclamation].

These two seemingly opposed systematic ideologies, Communism and Capitalism, are meant to: [blah x3]

In the Communist System everything (resources and people) are devoted to a Focused Military State [got that right] which continually builds and Plots, always collecting, saving and Waiting to Strike! 

The Conditioning and Cultivation of FEAR within the Capitalist State -- FEAR in the form of a severe sensitivity to Pain, cultivated through an extremely inflated COMFORTABLENESS; Fear in the heart, mind and street; Fear that the Luxurious GLUTTONY of the Capitalistic lifestyle can be TAKEN AWAY -- is a science of HIGHLY REFINED, SPIRITUALIZED CRUELTY.

This antagonism of Antipodal Nations is cultivated and manipulated through GRAND ECONOMIC POLITICS: The Strategy of the SUBTERRANEAN CONSPIRACY is to lead both (Capitalist and Communist) Populations into WORLD WAR; To Restructure the Social-Economic-Political States of Nations through Intimidation! TO GAIN MORE CONTROL OVER LIFE'S RESOURCES and the SURVIVING MASSES of [blah, blah, blah].

This singular system is broken up into bi-polar States to give the IMPRESSION of Political Freedom and Competition, and the ILLUSION that the 2 are intrinsically opposed to each other and governed by opposing powers. Nothing could be farther from the TRUTH!!!!!!!

There is much reason to believe that the Modern American Capitalistic, Consumeristic, Democratic Enthusiasm and Optimism is about to be disappointed  By WAR. The Capitalist System will FALL. Communist Nations will become INFLATED, While Capitalism is Degraded. WORLD WARS III and IV. The bombing of an American City seems Imminent.

The American people are Systematically being Sold out To the SLAUGHTER-WHORE, WARLORD- BEAST Living on the BLOOD LUST FEAST, Raping the Earth for a superficial, pathologically, Sado-Masochistic NEED -- GREED. In disguise as the MORAL, ONE WORLD, PROGRESSIVE HUMAN JUNKYARD FREEDOM DREAM -- in reality The VAMPIRES' MILITARY MURDER MACHINES FUELING UP For the SLAUGHTER-WHORE WORLD WAR III.

Dear Schizo,

Very poetic at the end.  And many thanks for offering a psychodelic version of Robert Welch's conspiracy theory.  If you could only name the head of this conspiracy along with incontrovertible proof I would believe in it.  But this you cannot do.  None Dare Call It Conspiracy is not serious scholarship.  In all such works where footnotes appear, they invariably trail off into Nazi, Black Hundreds or various 19th century reactionary propaganda.  It is no accident that Robert Welch was associated with pro-Axis groups during the Second World War and rabid anti-Semites after the war.  Truth to tell, the scholarship behind this conspiratorial detritus is ever so dubious and the interpretation ever so rationalist. The all weather forced-to-fit arguments are indubitable because they are circular.  

One last observation.  You give far too much credit to the cretins who run the planet.  Remember the bungle factor.  


Subj: Re: National Unity????
Date: 7/13/01 8:58:51 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: mknjbpdobert@juno.com (mark j dobert)
To: JRNyquist@aol.com 

Dear JR: I thought you'd know what inside tyranny was. We've been under it for at least 75 years in this country. Ever since socialism (social security, welfare, gov't schools, gun control) took control ... we've been under its crushing boot. I'm sure even when they're marching us off to the showers, most of us won't admit it or even fight back as long as they give us our bread and circuses!! Why keep sticking up for an empire that has killed more of its own citizens than Nazi Germany, takes more in taxes every year, and wants to disarm us and place all our defenses under UN control? Gee it's sounds like a no brainer to me. 

Mark Dobert

Dear Mr. Dobert,

I am sure that living inside a tyranny is very yucky for you.  No doubt the stores you frequent have bare shelves, inflation is triple digit and the secret police are tapping your phone and pulling out your neighbors' toenails.  Heaven knows you aren't free to talk against the government (they never tolerate that in America, do they?). I am sorry to hear about your plight under the Nazi-like boot of the U.S. government, which operates its gas chambers day and night, and has the bad form to put rapists, robbers and murderers in jail (when their Miranda rights allow it). One question, though. If bread and circuses are so effective at keeping us quiet, why do they need to march us off to "the showers"?

Any deep insights on this would be appreciated.  


Subj: questions
Date: 7/11/01 9:22:28 AM Pacific Daylight Time
To: JRNyquist

I consider myself to be a Libertarian. I understand the hardcore Libertarians believe in absolute self rule. I at the same time believe in the need for a strong military. The two ideals seem to be at odds with each other. Having read your article at Worldnetdaily, I have a few questions. 

    Do you believe that the US is headed becoming a socialist country? I read all of your articles, you strongly suggest the Russians are poised to attack us using Nuclear weapons.

    If the communists are already poised to take over our country why would they "Nuke" us?

    What purpose would be served by destroying multiple targets in the US?

    Is not one of the rules of the Art of War to not destroy the country you want to invade?

    Would a nuclear strike against the US place the Russians in a terrible light with the rest of the World?

    I am as concerned as you are about the possibility of a nuclear exchange. I am going to build a shelter in my home. I ask these question to hear your opinion. What type of society or country would we have left after such a war? Why do people in this country think you are "survivalist nut", or a "conspiracy theory nut" when you talk of things like a possible nuclear war? If you want to be committed to an institution just say the word Bomb Shelter. 


Dear RcG,

Yes, America is gradually becoming a socialist country.  But this fact does not save us from Sino-Russian aggression.  After all, why should Russia and China, the leading socialist powers, allow themselves to fall in rank to 2nd and 3rd place in their own socialist bloc?  And that's where they'd be if America joined them in Marxist-Leninist paradise.  

Just think about it.

Imagine a country with the power of the United States and the ethics of Vladimir Lenin?  As for nuking us, how else would they realistically get the job done?  A nuclear preemptive strike is the only technique available for completely and finally eliminating the United States as the chief obstacle to a Russian-dominated Europe and a Chinese-dominated Asia.  Only under conditions of nuclear/biological war is it possible to employ extremely light attacking forces, requiring minimal supplies, that would follow up the first successful strikes.  No other scheme of attack is practicable.  No other plan is equally cost effective. 

You also ask about the operational purpose of nuclear attacks, which should be obvious.  Such attacks would aim at destroying American military power, not the U.S. infrastructure.  Naturally, there will be significant collateral damage -- but as Lenin told his followers long ago:  you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. And as I have pointed out again and again, the Russians and Chinese would get control of a lot more than the United States if they won a Third World War. 

In reviewing this matter, ask yourself why the Russians have bothered to accumulate such a vast store of biological weapons.  We know that in the 1980s alone they produced over 100 tons of anthrax together with dozens of tons of bubonic plague and smallpox.  What strategic use could such a vast arsenal of pathogens be put to if not the outright reduction of designated cities and towns which could then be filled up with Russians and Chinese?

The logic of East Bloc war preparations should be obvious.  The murderous aim of the Kremlin smiles through a vast heap of anthrax, chemical munitions and nuclear warheads.  The fact that they cling to this capability, even now, as they continue to organize a war-winning alliance only shows what is in store. 

As for the Russians appearing in a terrible light, it must be admitted that people like a winner.  Furthermore, if everyone is deluded about Russia today, when we have a free press and easy access to information, why should a nuclear war make any difference?  The Russians have artfully duped the intelligentsia, the Pentagon, the White House, the man in the street, the professors and the CIA.  The only thing left is to drive home the Great Dagger and bulldoze the remains.