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The latest from the Dark Continent

By Jan Lamprecht

The bottom line in Africa is this: what we have here are people POSING AS liberals, pro-Western, pro-Democracy when in fact they have no interest in being any such thing. In fact, the BIG SCAM is that these people want to BUM MONEY OFF OF AMERICA and European nations to finance their Marxist ideas. They don't really want investment, they just want money (lots of it).

These same folk find white people irritating because whites are traditionally opposed to Marxism. I come from Zimbabwe originally. The dictator there, Robert Mugabe, hates white people. He used to tell us: If you don't like it here GET OUT! Most of us here believe that South African President Thabo Mbeki hates the white man. 

Mugabe gave a speech once where he said: All whites are liars and thieves. There are some good ones but even they are liars. Marxists have long used RACE HATRED as a way of getting what they want. They SEEK to inflame hatred between the races. They want the races to hate each other. 

Underneath all this, these people want us whites to leave the continent because we are screwing up their little scam which is to enslave the black race for all of eternity. 

I believe that the whites now living in Zimbabwe will eventually flee that country as refugees with only the clothes on their backs. We know people there who want to come to South Africa but the South African government does not want them! Eventually those people will have to get refugee status elsewhere.

Many people here warn that if the Government gets to hear of the book I'm writing, I will be in big trouble. People joke about me going to jail because of this. I don't think so. But I'll get 
heat. The truth is, one of the reasons people don't do much is because they are very intimidated. Freedom of speech only exists for those who are PC. A white man who DARES speak his mind is shut up very quickly. So this forces everyone to keep their mouths shut. Expressing "wrong" political views can get you fired. People who do not live here, do not understand how "downtrodden" the white man really is. White folks are really dejected. There is no pride, no patriotism, no motivation. They have lost all faith in themselves. Remember, the ENTIRE WORLD ganged up on us. Ditto for Zim. Whites are used to being kicked about and they know that nobody will help them. They are intimidated and they 
just keep their mouths shut. Last year I was on Cape Talk radio and we did 3 political programs where I spoke about Zimbabwe land invasions and what it meant for us. Eventually I was thrown off the air and never invited back on and the interviewer (Jani Allan) was fired. She was fired because "her show was too right wing." She got up one morning and the newspapers said she'd lost her job. She herself did not even know she was fired. 

This sort of thing doesn't just happen to whites. A colored radio announcer who was very popular in Cape Town said some anti-Govt things. The listeners loved it. But he was fired. Jani's show, and my appearances were HUGELY POPULAR. They just nailed us anyway. At one point we thought we could get the show to sweep the country. But she was fired before then.

The thing is, the whites know that they must shut up. And, forcing them to shut up, depriving them of a proper forum to speak means the enemy gets to sneak up on them. There is no warning because there is no media allowed to say the things which will wake them up. Speaking out against the government can get you into trouble as a "racist" even though you never said anything wrong about black people. (There are laws against this.)

There is one radio station, Radio Pretoria, which speaks quite frankly, but every year it has to go to court and fight like crazy to retain its license. It lives on the edge permanently.

We once had Jeff Nyquist on Cape Talk. The producer sabotaged the show. He cut Jeff off several times, he cut me off several times. There are communists and communist sympathizers who work there and they nailed us. They made it very difficult for us.

Freedom of speech exists only for those on the left. Sunshine journalism is the order of the day. Mbeki and the government get irritated by white criticism. They remind the newspapers not to say negative things about the country and the government.

The chance I have to present my book in America will be the best freedom of speech I'll get. If my book has to reach the mainstream in South Africa I will be crucified (by everybody including white liberals who are intimidated and who go along with all this). People will regard me as a fear monger, a counter-revolutionary and a war monger. 

I will also see if it is possible to get word out in Europe. 

White people in some countries, like Zimbabwe and Namibia are very downtrodden. In Zimbabwe, whites are heavily discriminated against. In Zimbabwe, whites can't even go buy bread without being discriminated against. They have to send blacks to buy on their behalf. I saw this for myself years ago when I went back there. I mention that in the foreword to my book. 

Whites in Zimbabwe are second-rate citizens. The blacks can do anything they want to them. White Zimbabweans don't raise their voices, they are constantly trying to get blacks to negotiate with other blacks on their behalf or else they are screwed. No white Zimbabweans would dare tell the truth. Personally, I couldn't live there. I'd go mad.

In South Africa, the white man stays out of politics. He has become a paper tiger. 

Last year, when I mentioned the prophecies of Van Rensburg on the air, I was immediately cut off by the producer and NEVER invited back on.

People have said my book might be banned. They have never banned anything yet. They might prefer to launch attacks and smears against me. 

A final point: There are lots of traitors, and lots of spies and informers here for both local and foreign intelligence agencies. All white right-wing organizations are heavily penetrated and in reality completely toothless. Any move they make will be known about in 
America or Pretoria before it goes down.

My approach will be to generally wake people up so they can take care of themselves as the situation worsens.