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30 August 2004 



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words

The Great Deception:
An Interview With Petr Cibulka
Part II of II

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Translation by Jan Malina


Are you saying that in order for the Russian communists to go through with the whole “Perestroika fraud,” they had to first infiltrate institutions like Radio Free Europe and Western counterintelligence services, governments and policy think tanks?

The development in the Soviet Bloc, after 1989, shows that practically all Western intelligence and media analysis about the situation inside the Soviet Bloc were wrong. According to my information, the West has never produced a deep analysis of its own mistakes and flawed policies. Only a few analysts, as for example Anatoliy Golitsyn, correctly analyzed developments in the Soviet Bloc. Because the West hasn't realized its past mistakes it is today repeating these mistakes and errors in its dealings with Russia.

Infiltration of the enemy and manipulation of the enemy is the most important strategy of communism. Since the communist powers conducted these anti-communist revolutions using an artificially created opposition, the communists had no other choice but to use for this purpose Radio Free Europe, Radio Liberty, BBC, Voice of America, Deutsche Welle and others. To achieve this the communists had two methods to use: Either negotiate an agreement with Western governments or, as usual, infiltrate the enemy camp. Let's not forget that, to this day, the transcript of the talks between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, from the second half of the 1980's, hasn't been published.

In my view, the West has been so paralyzed by these agreements and by infiltration that it has not been able to oppose Russian influence operations. For example, Czech Defense Minister Karel Kuhnl, Jr. worked at Radio Free Europe since 1987. Kuhnl, Jr. has his legend and his defense … prepared and rehearsed very well. He merely refuses to answer the following question: If he is such a staunch fighter against communism then why were the crimes of communism never punished? Why were communist and STB informers empowered by fraudulent privatization? Karel Kuhnl, Jr. should also explain some additional facts from his biography: 

(1) How is it possible that information about Kuhnl's studies during the communist era, about his political persecution and ejection from college for his “principled political stands” … aren’t to be found in Kuhnl's official biography in the 2002 version of the book Who is Who published in the Czech Republic? Was Kuhnl ashamed of his anti-communist stand, or did he take no such stand? How is it that we cannot find even one tidbit about Kuhnl's alleged defection to the West? Why is it that Kuhnl, Jr. omits from his biography the years or months he studied at Vienna University in Austria? And what were his grades? Is he afraid somebody might check up on it? Why is it that Karel Kuhnl, Jr. never publicly listed the newspapers and magazines he wrote for while in Austria? What kind of radical anti-communist articles did he write about the crimes of the communist dictatorship and the horrors of the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia? As a principled opponent of communism Kuhnl must have published something in Austria, but where did he publish? The same questions might be applied to the Euro-representative for the Socialist Party, Libor Roucek and many other “defectors from communism”!

(2) How is it that Karel Kuhnl, Jr., a dropout in economics without one day of experience in the field, was able get a job as economics editor and analyst at RFE in 1987 and then, between 1991-92, he was able to hold the post of economic advisor to the Czech Republic's Prime Minister and “former” communist Petr Pithart? Does it mean that communist military intelligence wasn't able to get somebody better for Pithart?

(3) How is it possible that Karel Kuhnl, Jr. was able to study at the most prominent communist school – King Charles University of Prague – during the worst years of the communist dictatorship when Kuhnl's father-in-law was playing the role of “political refugee” in the United States and later, more directly, within the high level management of the RFE? Anyone else, in such a case, would have been thrown out of school by the communists and would have been forced to immediately enlist in the military. Karel Kuhnl, Jr. has never officially served in the military.

The level of infiltration of Western structures by communist agents is obvious in this specific case and in many other cases involving important posts within NATO. The case of Karel Kuhnl, Jr., the incoming Czech Defense Minister, is typical.

What are the duties and tasks of communist spies and agents of influence infiltrated into the Western World?

The most important tasks of the communist espionage agent are to win absolute trust inside the enemy camp. (Agents unable to fulfill this task are worthless to headquarters.) Therefore, most of these people were sent out to the West with a cover legend as political refugees from communism, fighters against communism or even political prisoners. To gain the trust of the capitalist enemy these “political prisoners” were often jailed so they would have credibility when operating in the West, relying on testimonies of their fellow prisoners who were real anti-communists. If any one of them had to wash dishes for some weeks in a restaurant after their “defection,” that was always part of their cover. The real political immigrants had to work hard for years or even decades to obtain an average Western standard of living.

All we need to do is compare the life stories of these real defectors from communism with those of communist espionage cadres who are still active today on various Western universities, think-thanks and in politics. The less visible communist espionage cadres were, of course, actively analyzing all Western leftists and disappointed people who were open to possible recruitment and use against the West. I am certain that in the leftist environment these communist recruiters experienced unbelievable successes in their recruiting operations. For example, this is discussed in the book about Jan [code name Kato] Kavan, the United Nations General Assembly Chairman who was very successful in this particular task in the United Kingdom. His “friends” are part of Tony Blair's government today, and they make government policy.

In the case of Condoleezza Rice, she grew up in the racially segregated South, and according to some reports her kindergarten classmate [also black] was killed in a white racist-inspired bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, when Rice was nine years old. Wouldn't a horrible experience like that put Rice in the category of people ripe for recruitment as communist agents of influence?

It is absolutely unimaginable to me that the victims of racism during those times in America, with such life-altering experiences, would not be noticed by the communist secret services. I am certain that only a deep analysis of Condoleezza's Rice activities would demonstrate, one way or the other, whether she belongs to the staunch anti-communist crowd or not.

What role will Muslim immigrants play in the communist strategy to dominate Europe, and is it possible to expect that in case of European resistance Muslim immigrants will be used for terrorist purposes?

Russia and the Islamic World have the same enemy – Western civilization. It is obvious that the anti-Western Islamic population of Europe represents a destabilizing factor with regard to the security of Europe. Militant Islamic groups pose an immediate threat that is useful to the GRU [Russian military intelligence] and the KGB [FSB] in operations against European interests. The more peaceful sections of the Islamic population of Europe will also constitute a danger, not only as a potential base of recruitment for this Islamic militant minority, but in the event of a future [military] confrontation Europe won't be able to rely on these people and depend on them in full. Europe is being manipulated into supporting the opening of immigration from all over the world.  This concept will have serious consequences for Europe's identity as a civilized society. Europe faces a deadly danger from two directions:

(1) The problem of global poverty cannot be solved by sending millions of poor people, from the poorest nations, into the wealthiest nations. There is no better formula for destroying the planet’s most successful nations.

(2) Every decent human society, worthy of the name, is founded on shared moral values. Such a society attempts to protect these values against anyone that poses a threat to them. Mass immigration from the nationally and culturally most primitive and religiously extreme parts of the world will endanger every society whose high social state stands or falls on the basis of qualitatively superior shared values. How can these values be protected or shared if society’s members adhere to incompatible value systems?

During our meeting last year with former Czech Intelligence Service [BIS] Capt. Vladimir Hucin, in response to my question whether it is true that 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was trained at the Zastavka terrorist training camp in Czechoslovakia in 1988-89, what was Hucin’s answer and how do you rate his credibility?

Capt. Vladimir Hucin confirmed that Mohammad Atta was, indeed, trained by the Czech communists in 1988-89. Hucin worked in the counter-terrorism and political extremism section of the counter-espionage department of the Czech intelligence service (BIS).

So Capt. Hucin's expert knowledge in this area must be substantial if he is able to confirm Atta's training by the communists.

Absolutely. If anybody is claiming the opposite, they should first try to force the Czech and other governments of the old Soviet Bloc, who now claim to be U.S. allies, to supply all files on terrorist, espionage, counter-espionage, police and military training courses from the period 1948 through 1989, and the names of all those who were trained in these courses. Of course, these countries haven’t done anything of the kind.

Why do you think that none of these files were made public?

It is for the same reason that the deepest secrets of the communist dictatorship remain under lock and key. The secret structures of the old communist bloc are, today, the cornerstones of Europe’s emerging political order. The military espionage services at work today use the same communist cadres, and the same secret methods, as if there have been no changes in Eastern Europe since 1989. When the Czech defense minister, two years ago, attempted to terminate roughly 100 discredited officers of the communist espionage apparatus, he was forced to leave his post in a matter of weeks. The “post”-communist world has been reduced to abject silence about the Marxist-Leninist cadres who passed through the terrorist training camps. This silence grips the Czech Republic despite its membership in NATO. What the communist bloc was preparing against the Western democracies is still a carefully guarded secret in all the “former” communist countries. This reveals, in a concrete way, the pro-Moscow orientation of all post-communist countries that have joined NATO. In fact, for the last 15 years no Russian agent or important group of Russian organized criminals have been apprehended by these countries – as if Russian agents or criminals no longer exist in those countries.

In an interview for Front Page Magazine, the former Chief of the Romanian communist Intelligence Service, Ion Mihai Pacepa, said that he was personally told by KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov that the Soviet intelligence services control and direct all friendly Muslim states' intelligence services and, through these, Russian espionage is able to conduct its operations throughout the Arab world in secrecy. How dirty are Moscow's hands with regard to organizing or inciting Islamic terrorism?

Pacepa is right. Communist espionage succeeds by telling its allies what they want to hear. These allies do not know anything about Moscow’s final goal. Therefore, Russia’s special services benefit from the enthusiasm of American leftist circles, as well as anti-American Islamist circles and anti-capitalist elites in the Third World. Russia’s special services are not trying to make Soviet citizens out of these people, but the Russians are offering every possible help to them in their fight. The Russians use these people, under any legend, to undermine America’s strength and position. While it is true that these groups sometimes fight each other, the thing that connects them and keeps them aligned with Moscow is anti-Americanism. As post-1989 developments show, Moscow’s strategy has been very successful.

According to British terror expert Simon Reeve's book, The New Jackals, al Qaeda is trying to recruit officers of the "former" Soviet military espionage GRU and Spetsnaz [Russian Special Forces commandos] for the purpose of delivering a nuclear attack against America. How do you analyze this important information in light of the fact that communism’s collapse was organized by the KGB and GRU?

The only way Russian military officers could be recruited for such terrorist operations is if Moscow approved their recruitment. If al Qaeda is spreading information around that they are trying to recruit nuclear weapons specialists from Russia, this is only a cover operation to hide Moscow's tracks in a future nuclear terror campaign against America. Russia wants to be regarded as a “victim” of Islamic terrorism so that no suspicion of Russian involvement with the terrorists will arise. I can quote from an analysis written by the leading French Sovietologist and professor of history at the Sorbonne University in Paris, Francoise Thomm:

In all cases Russia is trying to conduct herself so that her experienced hand will never be seen in the worldwide anti-American campaign. In the meantime, Moscow is able, as a U.S. partner, to ask for more and more American credits for ‘struggling Russia.’ In reality these credits are used for a new military buildup and subversion operations against the West.

To be successful in all of this, Moscow must have well-placed cadres in position within the American decision-making centers. I am sure that the cases of treason of Robert Hannsen and Aldrich Ames are only the insignificant tip of the iceberg.

In one of his interviews for Global Viewpoint Magazine, former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev stated that the security of Russian nuclear weapons is at a high level. He said it is impossible that these weapons would fall into terrorist hands. How do you analyze this statement?

It is a known fact that Soviet officials always say what benefits them most at any given moment. The truth doesn’t mean anything to them. Despite this, I am certain that Gorbachev is telling the truth about this. I don’t doubt that Moscow, through various terrorist front groups, has moved many nuclear weapons to the West – and most of all to American territory. From Moscow’s point of view it is essential to destroy the United States of America, and to do so without being destroyed in turn. To protect Russia and China from nuclear retaliation the war against American capitalism must be waged by forces with no apparent links to Moscow or Beijing. All that was previously known about Russia’s anti-American strategy falls into this script perfectly.

Many people in America and the West believe that Russia's military equipment is obsolete and improperly maintained, that the Russian military is in shambles. Do you think this belief is correct?

According to Russian and communist tradition the following rule applies: People may die of hunger, but the army will have everything it needs to win. I was drafted into the communist Czechoslovak Army at a time of serious economic trouble and this rule was strictly followed. The situation is no different today. Immediately after Vladimir Putin became Russian president at the end of 1999, the Russian military budget was doubled. These are the facts. If anybody is claiming otherwise, he is lying.

Why is Russia deceiving the world about its military strength? One might ask, in this regard, why America has lowered its guard? Why is the West unilaterally disarming? The United States needs to warn Russia against attempting a proxy Islamist nuclear attack on American cities. America should make it clear that Russian cities will be hit in return. This is the only step that can prevent a Third World War. If America will not give a clear and unequivocal warning, she will become a victim of Russia’s clandestine strategy.

We are told that Russian military officers are underpaid and therefore they are willing to sell nuclear and biological ordinance to terrorists for “hard cash.” How is this possible when Russian communists always took care of their military and police officers to protect the communist cause at all costs?

This version is a fairy tail coming from the Russian secret services and the Russian propaganda machine. In case of any suspicion of unreliability every suspect is immediately arrested in Russia, questioned in the most brutal fashion and sometimes executed. In this atmosphere the loss of even one nuclear bomb from the Russian arsenal would result in the execution of the whole guard unit and all directing officers as well. Nothing of the kind has happened in Russia for the last 15 years. Therefore, all Russian nuclear weapons in terrorist hands were intentionally put there by Russian military intelligence. There is no reason to think otherwise.

What is Moscow and Beijing's timetable for destroying the United States?

I am certain that the attack strategy against America was worked out long ago. The only aspects in play at present are variants of this strategy. There are two ideal alternatives for the Kremlin: One is to provoke a civil war in America. This would be the best solution from the communist standpoint. The second alternative is to launch a nuclear strike through an Islamic proxy. In both alternatives the essential objective of Moscow’s strategy would be attained. There is also the possibility of a North Korean nuclear attack against the U.S. West Coast. The actual situation [as it evolves] will determine which of these variants will be used. In advance of such a crisis it is only natural that Moscow would seek to establish Europe’s neutrality. European military assistance must not reach America. In the event Bush loses the upcoming presidential election to his leftist opponent, America could lose its most important freedoms without a confrontation with Moscow and Beijing. In the event Bush is reelected, the threat of an attack on America increases. The best defense for America would be a renewal of America’s spiritual and moral values – especially the values of the Founding Fathers.

What is the definition of communism?

Communism is a system built on the forcible subordination of the human body to a power system. Communists are materialists and don't believe in spiritual or moral values. The communists try to achieve everything through rewards or punishments – through satisfying the body or threatening the body, which is the lowest part of man. When man is reduced only to his body, he is not any different than an animal. Logically, the path to communism constitutes a return of the human being to the animal. The opposite of this is a system that places spiritual values above material values. Communism has to destroy systems based on spiritual values because, in the long run, communism cannot successfully compete with such systems. If America puts its trust in God, in high moral principles, then she will retain her freedom in all spheres. She will withstand the confrontation with communism and she will ultimately win. If, on the other hand, America forgets these higher values she will degenerate into a materialism that is no different than the materialism of the communists. 

Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, "Uncensored News," so he could oppose the "official" informational and ideological blockade organized by the Communists through control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files. He published over 200,000 names of communist officers and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" Communist officials.

Mr. Cibulka has had to go through countless police interrogations and home searches. He has suffered numerous court trials because he named names. The most famous trial involved Czech President Vaclav Havel, who publicly denounced Mr. Cibulka as a shameful disgrace and declared Petr's "Uncensored News" to be "garbage." 

Mr. Cibulka was elected chairman of the conservative political party Right Bloc in 2000. Right Bloc is trying to implement the principals of American democracy and freedom into the Czech political system.

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