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16 August 2004 



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words

The Great Deception:
An Interview With Petr Cibulka
Part I of II
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Translation by Jan Malina


Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, "Uncensored News," so he could oppose the "official" informational and ideological blockade organized by the Communists through control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files. He published over 200,000 names of communist officers and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" Communist officials.

Mr. Cibulka has had to go through countless police interrogations and home searches. He has suffered numerous court trials because he named names. The most famous trial involved Czech President Vaclav Havel, who publicly denounced Mr. Cibulka as a shameful disgrace and declared Petr's "Uncensored News" to be "garbage." 

Mr. Cibulka was elected chairman of the conservative political party Right Bloc in 2000. Right Bloc is trying to implement the principals of American democracy and freedom into the Czech political system.


What is the European and Czech people's opinion about America in Iraq and the war in general and what is the official press saying about it?

According to the "former" Soviet Bloc official media, America is being presented in flat negative terms – regardless of what America does. Media reports, as a general rule, suggest the notion that we are actually at war with America. I'm afraid that even in the traditionally democratic Western European countries, maybe with the exception of the U.K., the situation is not much better. The most strident anti-American position is usually taken by France. Therefore it is of interest to look at a report that was published in the Czech Republic on 6 June 2004 by Mlada Fronta Newspaper about the arrest of the oldest son of the long-time leader of France, [the late President] Francois Mitterand. Jean-Christophe Mitterand has been under investigation and was arrested for organizing a sale of weapons from the "former" Soviet Union to the communist dictatorship in Angola, Africa. This communist regime, with the help of the "former" Soviet Union and its satellites, is conducting a decades long civil war  against its pro-western opposition. There was also a suspicion that this whole weapons sale operation was financed from the illegal funds of a billionaire [named] Pierre Falcon, the main person involved in the sale of Soviet weapons to communists in Angola.

It is interesting that a certain firm Falcon [owned] was commissioned by Prague’s post-communist government to settle the Soviet Union's financial debt in the Czech Republic.

This firm was later publicly criticized because, in reality, it didn't protect interests of the Czech Republic but only helped Russia's interests. If the family members of the highest French officials are involved in arming anti-American regimes with Soviet – pardon me – with Russian weapons, this is the best example of the depth of the Soviet and Russian intelligence services GRU infiltration to the highest levels of the Western World. Absolutely the same situation obtains inside the vast leftist government of today's unified Germany. 

What do you think is happening in Germany with all the socialists in power ?

These people are, first of all, leading Germany into the state bankruptcy. In tandem with this, we find socialists filling the country’s most important government jobs. These are people openly sympathetic to red terror and communism. During the American operation to overthrow Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the German Justice Minister publicly attacked George W. Bush. She said that Bush is worse than Hitler. German Foreign Minister Joshka Fisher as a leftist activist who took part in left wing riots and physical violence against the German police. The operation to oust former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl and all his people from the leadership of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU) and their replacement with East-German leftist cadre Angela Merkel and her team falls very precisely into this plan.

In terms of Anti-Americanism, what is the situation regarding the Czech Republic official press and the Czech Government?

There's no difference between the anti-Americanism of all post-communist governments and the anti-Americanism of all Czech official media. What Czech Government officials think their media says openly. The media make a pretense of advertising their “political independence.” Authentic pro-American opinions have no chance to be published in the Czech official media. The same thing happens to all pro-American politicians and journalists in this country, of course: they are forced out of the public sphere by anti-American politics. Even official organizations and institutions that are pretending to be pro-American, and are financed from American funds, as for example the Civic Institute in Prague and for example its leading member, Michal Semin, are always, during a moment of crisis, taking an anti-American position. The Czech post-communist official media are give space and attention to all critics of American politics of today, as for example Jeffrey Sachs, Zbigniew Brzezinski and others. The views of U.S. Government officials [i.e., Bush Administrations officials] are not presented in the Czech media. This shows into whose hands the Czech Republic’s political process, official press and media have fallen. Here we find factories for the manufacturing of public opinion. For example, former Carter Administration National Security Adviser, a former Polish national named Zbigniew Brzezinski, said in an article published by Lidove Noviny on June 8 2004:

After 9/11, a group of strategic extremists managed to gain control of a president with messianic proclivities and no grasp of the complexity of the global situation. Their cumulative actions have done unprecedented damage to America's long-term interests. That is why there is now the need for a choice: Will America return to the past successes of global leadership or damage itself critically in the extremist pursuit of global domination?

What about Americans with anti-American views, are they influenced by the communist ideology ?

I am convinced that, for example, most of the Americans in Europe have anti-American views. Their opinions are often so anti-American and so pro-communist or leftist that even in anti-American and socialist Europe these people are perceived as extremists.   During the American operation to install freedom and democracy in Iraq there were anti-American demonstrations organized in Prague solely by American students and anti-American activists. They held signs: “Hands off Iraq!” These people seem to me not to be the victims of European communist and anti-American propaganda but they are, in fact, its active followers, campaigners and promoters. During the course of the last 15 years I haven't met one American citizen, including American diplomatic officials, who would want to fight for the highest American ideals – ideals of freedom and democracy in Europe. Americans are unaware of the fact that what is common in America is non-existent in Europe, with the exception of perhaps Switzerland.

Will the socialists be able to impose their model on the world without the use of military force?

I am certain that in the aftermath of the systematic collapse of all higher American principles and values, such as trust in God, the dialectical materialist powers have never had a better chance for victory in the United States as they have today. The evolution of mankind from a persuasion of spirit and soul to an obsession with the body and face is a negative development. The system of materialistic values of today's America is more and more converging with the communist and socialist system of values. If the freedom of men will be gradually reduced in this development to a sole freedom of consumption, I don't see a reason why the materialist American elites of today and tomorrow would stand up against the materialist elites of their adversaries.

I would like to ask about Czechoslovak communist Army General and member of the Czechoslovak Defense Council, Jan Sejna, who defected to the United States in 1968. Sejna defected before Brezhnev’s minions in Czechoslovakia had chance to arrest him for warning then Secretary General of the CP of Czechoslovakia Alexander Dubcek about a Russian-led invasion. Sejna says in his book We Will Bury You that he had firsthand knowledge of the Soviet long-range plan to stage a false collapse of the communist Warsaw Pact alliance in order to disarm America and NATO. Do you agree that this is what happened in the “former” bloc countries?

I don't know what the collapse of communism looks like from the American point of view, but from the painful experience of the citizens of all the post-communist countries the collapse of communism is a pure fiction. Communists and their communist pyramid of power remain untouched. From the self-invited owners of the state wealth, that is from communists and cadres of the communist Gestapo STB, officers of the communist SS "People's Militia" and other comparable criminals, there turned out to be new lawful owners of everything that was of any value in these "former" communist countries – and it was done through a fraudulent privatization process.

The communists are doing everything possible to disarm the West and at the same time they are making sure that their own power and military strength remain untouched. From this position communists can dictate to the West their evil conception of a world communist order. The West can accept this the easy way or the hard way.

What are America's chances to withstand this and defend herself?

In the short-term only massive arms production and support of the real political and informational plurality everywhere in the world, and most of all inside the so-called post-communist countries, will suffice. If the rulers of these countries don't allow any real political and intellectual competition, they cannot be considered as trustworthy [strategic] partners. In this regard the United States has been seriously mistaken for the past 15 years. From the long-term point of view it is possible to stop the invasion of materialist ideology into society only through a fundamental reevaluation of what our value preferences are today. Without accomplishing this most important task our victory over the forces of evil – the materialistic powers – will prove impossible.

Can we be sure that these are really communists behind the scenes? What does it mean [to America] that these people are communists?

The communists represent the most concentrated formation of evil in human history. We cannot for a moment accept the official communist and post-communist propaganda that this most powerful negative power ceased to exist and disappeared without a trace in 1989. The communist bloc ruled and still rules 1/4 of this Planet and 1/3 of its population.

The Communist International, connected with the KGB, used to operate in all countries of the world. The degree of civilization’s moral decline exactly corresponds with a very real achievement of the Communist International. Their communist system is being built, as they always claimed, “forever and never any different.” Communist states are criminal enterprises. There is nothing easier than to prove that the same is true of the post-communist states. If communism was really defeated and higher moral values came to power, then we need to explain why the communist murderers (who claimed millions of innocent victims) weren’t brought to justice. In reality all these post-communist states, without exception, are covering up colossal crimes. Instead of punishment for the communist criminals, these same criminals remain in their posts. In addition, they privatized everything that belonged to the Communist Party and State for their own benefit. This fraudulent collapse of communism has allowed ongoing communist structures to hoodwink the entire world with images of reputable politicians, businessmen, scientists, artists, students and so on. This is the greatest victory of communism to date.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Kremlin and its special services quickly discovered that communist ideology had utterly failed in Russia. It never had a chance to succeed with the masses. What is your opinion regarding the Soviet collapse and the apparent collapse of ideology in the Soviet Union?

Without labeling the lowest negative quality here as “communism,” this negative quality yet remains in all positions of power and influence in the “former” Soviet Bloc. Until we replace these evil structures, which represent the greatest evil known to mankind, nothing will change. To achieve real democracy it is first necessary to renew human plurality, and that is the plurality of ideas. So far, the communist and post-communist monolith hasn’t been disrupted in the least. Plurality is only a pretense and is therefore a mockery throughout the “former” bloc countries. It is the same with “democracy” and “freedom.” All this can be quickly and easily proved. When in 1993 the highest level KGB officers were explaining to American journalists the reason communism was “taken from circulation,” these officers were absolutely clear that communism wasn't able to guarantee the superpower status of Russia for the 21st century. So the given reason for the “collapse of communism,” as the KGB spokesmen admit today, was not an aversion to the hideous crimes and inhuman methods of communism but the inefficiency of communism as a social system. The worst elements of the communist regime and its proponents remained at their posts throughout the transition, and today they constitute the same threat to the world as they did before. Communism, organized under any possible name and cover, is the most powerful ally of the lowest that is present and active in the United States, Western Europe and elsewhere in the world.

What do the communists intend to do with the Satellite Countries and Western Europe?

In the case of its victory, communism will do the same as it has always done: It will enslave all of us politically, economically, culturally, information-wise, ideologically and morally. Whoever stands in opposition will be liquidated. The communists have four decades of experience at infiltration and provocation, as for example Operation Wedge and the final operation to liquidate the opposition, codenamed Norbert.

What is the object of these operations Wedge and Norbert and how do they work?

For the STB [KGB and other communist secret services] operation Wedge, as its name already suggests, is based on the infiltration of the enemy camp in order to foment disagreements, mistrust, suspicion and conflict. Operation Wedge has, as its goal, the total subversion and paralysis of groups of people who value non-communist ideas. These would include people who believe in God but are not yet politically active. Operation Wedge has been widely applied in all post-communist countries against all real opponents of communism. Also, our party, Right Bloc – a party that advocates direct democracy and a system of recall against politicians – and our Uncensored News editorial office are constant targets of subversive operations. For example, the former vice chairman of the Right Bloc offered $40,000 for ousting me from the party chairmanship. Agents of the special services were infiltrated inside Uncensored News and Right Bloc, where they work to subvert and paralyze our activities. In the case of Uncensored News, these agents were able to successfully liquidate our newspaper in its printed version. Their campaign to take over the Right Bloc party has been unsuccessful so far.

Another goal of Operation Wedge is to make a detailed database of the independent public, including dossiers for later use during the implementation of Operation Norbert. This latter operation offers the final solution to the problem of independent thinking people. It is a system of concentration camps for incarcerating the political opposition. The most dangerous opponents of communism will be physically liquidated in these camps, while the remainder will be isolated until their thinking is reprogrammed to agree with communism. This process has been used in Vietnam since 1975, where officers of the [defeated] Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) are to this day held captive in communist concentration camps.

Documents about Operation Norbert were uncovered in Czechoslovakia in the early 1990's; but since then there has been no discussion about this operation. It is most significant for the post-communist regimes of Eastern Europe that, to this day, the deepest secrets of the communist dictatorship were never made public. The files of those who were selected for liquidation in the concentration camps are also kept secret. This is, again, a kind of proof that the communists intend to claim further victims when the time comes. Regarding foreigners who naively believe in the collapse of communism and work or study in these post-communist countries, they, according to one section of the Operation Norbert documents, are also to be arrested and imprisoned in the camps. Here took the most important ones will be liquidated. This is how they intend to pay back those who naively believed that communism is a thing of the past.

What is the situation in Czech Republic today regarding the strategy of communism?

The Czech post-communist government is not acting like a normal government. Last year the Czech Army was almost totally dissolved and the draft was abolished in full. The official explanation of these actions was that the world situation is stabilizing and the Czech Republic does not foresee any long-term danger. Just recently there was a variant discussed in the official press how to deal with the problem of not enough professional soldiers in the Czech Army. Some maintained that the simplest way to resolve this problem would be the creation of a professional mercenary force that would recruit soldiers from Russia and Ukraine. These soldiers would be awarded Czech citizenship for their service. This plan is to be implemented in a very near future.

Also, just recently, the Czech Government officially stated that in the light of unpredictable international developments it is urgent for the Czech Government and the Parliament to have a well-built and secret military bunker in case of an unforeseen crisis.

The Czech Army, as a military fighting force, is virtually useless. At its present strength, without the Russian mercenaries, the Czech Army can only be used for police purposes. Recently there was an important article in the Mlada Fronta ["former" newspaper of the Czechoslovak Communist Youth SSM] that stated we should be prepared for a war because the longer the peace lasts, the harder the war that inevitably follows.

Why do you think this article was published?

This is possibly a psychological preparation of the citizenry for a war. In light of the fact that Mlada Fronta and other Czech newspapers take an anti-American position, a future war will not be a war against Russia. If Russia starts marching west I’m afraid that Europe will be unable to offer effective resistance. The Czech nation, after 42 years of communism and 15 years of post-communism, is so demoralized and disintegrated that it has already give up on all its normal functions as a nation. The birth rate is the second lowest in Europe. We are a fast-dying nation. Our geopolitical space is being filled up with Russian-speaking people. This highly negative process is fully supported by all post-communist governments. Civic duty in the Czech Republic has fallen to such an extent, for example, that the recent elections to the European Parliament only saw a 25 percent turnout. The war hasn’t started, yet we are already a defeated nation. It is a shame that the best people in Czech national life are totally alone and isolated in their fight against communism. The United States, instead of giving a hand to these people, are supporting the communist mafia that has ruled our country for many decades without serious opposition. 

There were elections held in the Czech Republic just recently, as the country was admitted to the EU. What were the results and how did they impact the overall situation?

The election results were decided in advance. On one side there were official political parties of the post-communist political regime; on the other side, against them, as the only true alternative, was our pro-American conservative political party, Right Bloc. While the officially recognized parties have, for their activities, many millions of crowns [local currency] paid from the taxpayers’ money, and unlimited space in the official media, our financially poor but idea-rich political party had only a token opportunity to organize an election campaign since our budget was only a few thousand crowns. Despite this handicap we received 27,506 votes, which is 1.17 percent of all votes counted. In addition, these election "results" are not to be trusted. The whole political competition, in all its aspects, grossly discriminates against any true opposition; and these elections have not been successfully monitored by a system of control. This was proven by the collective analysis done by 19 non-parliamentary parties and it was published before these recent elections.

Unfortunately there is no power, here or abroad, able to change this situation. Through a selective system only carefully screened communist cadres were admitted into the European Parliament from the Czech Republic. In some cases these cadres are directly connected to the Soviet Union (pardon me, Russia). Moscow was therefore able to gain 24 EU Parliament chairs in the case of the Czech Republic and one chair in the person of Milan Horacek, former Czechoslovak citizen and a candidate for the German Green Party (when this party is in fact Red and not Green). The German Green Party's Chairman is the leftist extremist, Foreign Minister Joshka Fisher. There is reasonable suspicion that Milan Horacek didn't defect to West Germany during the communist era as a political refugee but was dispatched by the communist special services. In the files of communist agents published since the early 1990s we find the name Milan Horacek, recruited by the STB, born 29 October 1948, code name Essex, STB file # 38234. Horacek's life-long, strongly pro-communist political stand and his fierce resistance to a just punishment for all communist criminals would suggest that the files are correct. Another leader of the communists, and till recently the CPCZ Chairman, is Miroslav Ransdorf, former member of the Prognosis Department of the Czechoslovak [communist] Academy of Sciences, that in reality was the STB’s scientific espionage directorate charged with the struggle against the West. Ransdorf was also "elected" to the European Parliament. There were also two former citizens of the Soviet Union elected to the European Parliament. One of them is Vladimir "Vovka" Zelezny, today a Chairman of the Senate Club of the Czech Republic Communist Party. The second Russian national is one Jozef Zieleniec, whose parents belonged to the highest of Moscow's cadres within the Communist International. Both Zelezny and Zieleniec were elected from the political party “Rightwing Independent.” The brother of Jozef Zieleniec, whose name is Vladimir Zieleniec, was unmasked few years ago as the KGB resident [i.e., chief officer] in Poland. 

What impact will this obvious infiltration of Moscow's communist cadres into the European Parliament have for Moscow's strategy in Europe?

We can safely predict that these political representatives of the post-communist states inside the European Parliament reveal a sinister deficiency. Because these are the best cadres of the communist special services, with years and years of experience in deception and manipulation of the West, we have to expect that after their [s]election to the European Parliament, these cadres will be successful in their activities as they always are. In case of growing pressure on Europe from Moscow, these people will be guarantors that Europe will not cause any problems for Moscow but will instead seek an accommodation kind with the Kremlin on Soviet terms. After this fashion Europe can be “Sovietized” without an open military confrontation; that is, it can be done so stealthily that the brainwashed European public will succumb before they realize what has happened. This suggests that the anti-American politics of Europe is going to get sharper and sharper. In the last analysis, there will be no difference between the politics of Brussels and Moscow. In the event of a socialist victory in America, the differences between the political system of Russia and China on the one hand, and the Western countries on the other, will simply disappear. I see in this a long-term danger to the freedom and independence of America. In this way a morally corrupt system may defeat the moral and spiritual values that oppose it.

According to the London Times, U.S. National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice studied in the Soviet Union in 1978. Can you analyze the fact that an American citizen was allowed to study in the communist-era USSR? How does that work and what possibilities did the KGB and GRU have a in case like this?

I am fully convinced that something like that [American citizens innocently studying in the USSR] was not possible. Even in 1970 I saw a campaign in Soviet occupied Czechoslovakia and her communist colleges to recruit students for study courses in the Soviet Union. Despite the fact that the level of interest was huge, a majority of prospective students were rejected because they were not 100 percent pro-communist and pro-Soviet. I also know very well that the only students admitted to Czechoslovak high schools and colleges at that time were those who presented no apparent danger to the communist dictatorship. Here we find that sons and daughters from families that had problems with the communists, or the Russian occupiers, were not allowed to attend high school or college. So it is therefore impossible that somebody from the main enemy country, the United States of America, would be allowed to study in any Soviet college. If that happened there had to be some kind of official contract between the U.S. and USSR. If not, it would have been part of a KGB or GRU recruitment operation.

But in case of Condoleezza Rice there is no mention in her official biography about her course of study in the USSR during the brutal communist regime era. Her positive stand toward the politics of Russia lead by the KGB lieutenant colonel Vladimir Putin is signaling something that she ought to explain. What is your opinion about this?

If Condoleezza Rice is covering up in front of the world that she was studying in the Soviet Union at a Soviet college during the aggressive communist era of the 1970's, then undoubtedly she could belong to the highest KGB or GRU cadres. Only the fact that her mentor, who introduced her to politics, was Josef Korbel, makes this possibility almost certain. Josef Korbel was the architect of the pro-Soviet foreign policies of the World War Two Czechoslovak exiled government of President Edward Benes when he [Korbel], alongside Pavel Kavan, father of the former Czech Republic Foreign Minister and Chairman of the UN General Assembly Jan Kavan [STB communist agent, codenamed KATO], prepared the Czechoslovak-USSR friendship and cooperation agreement of 1943. This agreement … became a fundamental cornerstone of the postwar Sovietization and Bolshevization of Czechoslovakia. I am convinced that Josef Korbel left Europe for America with something of the kind in view, because his anti-Soviet or anti-communist activities were negligible. As for Korbel's pupil Rice, we find a similar situation. The same can also be said of Korbel’s daughter, Madeleine Albright, a formulator of America’s foreign policies under the controlling eye of Bill Clinton. It is also significant that Jan Kavan is a leading opponent of the America’s anti-missile defense base in the Czech Republic. This base would protect Europe and America from Russian ballistic missile attack. Jan Kavan is registered as a communist agent and active collaborator. Another such person is the chairman of the Foreign Council of the Czech Republic Parliament, the Social Democrat Vladimir Lastuvka (codenamed VLADIMIR, STB file #14509), a nuclear physicist registered as an agent of the STB charged with the struggle against the “internal enemy.”

So it is that these people, as high level officials of the Czech Republic – a NATO member country and so-called American ally – are today involved with vital nuclear defense issues related to Western Europe and the United States. Clearly, these people are not protecting freedom or the strategic interests of the West. Instead, they are advancing the interests of Moscow and Beijing.

Is the name Jan Masaryk connected with Korbel and perhaps, even today, to Codoleezza Rice?

Jan Masaryk was the last non-communist Czechoslovak Foreign Minister, and during Korbel's flight to America Jan Masaryk was murdered by communists in Prague. His death was, for many years, described as a suicide. Only recently it was acknowledged to be a case of cold-blooded murder. The communists didn't want to risk that Masaryk would escape to England and compromise their long-term operations against the West. Therefore he was forced out of a window. According to the latest report, Masaryk's murder cannot be fully solved because the government of KGB Lt. Col. Vladimir Putin is denying access into the KGB and GRU files from the year 1948. Here is proof of Russia’s “peacefulness and love for democracy.” 

I've read a book about the case of Jan Masaryk, and according to this book and also the testimony of Masaryk's butler in his Prague government apartment, Jan Masaryk was trying to escape to Britain the same night he was murdered. Might we speculate that these operations were conducted directly by Moscow with the help of a personal friend of Stalin, Klement Gottwald?

In my view, Jan Masaryk was the victim of a provocation. After half a century the communist special services have published nothing about Masaryk’s preparations to defect. This suggests that the special services may have helped to “organize” Masaryk’s escape plan. Therefore, they would have known how to prevent his escape in a timely fashion. This may be part of the reason the Russians have refused to cooperate in the investigation of Jan Masaryk’s murder. [The investigation would reveal far too much about Russia’s special services and their methods.]

According to the Michael Dobbs 2000 article in the Washington Post, Josef Korbel was a proponent of ‘détente’ with the Soviet Union. How can this be explained when the USSR  invaded Korbel's home country, Czechoslovakia, in 1968 and murdered Korbel's former compatriots? [HM note: I was told by my mother that in city of Prostejov, in Czechoslovakia, in 1968, the town’s people removed all street and highway signs to cause problems for the invading Red Army. When the Russians couldn't find their way out of the town and nobody would give them directions they started firing tank mounted machine guns and killed, among others, an entire kindergarten class of about 20 children plus two young female teachers.]

If Josef Korbel were a genuine opponent of communism, his welcoming stand toward this most murderous system in all human history would've been totally incomprehensible. On the other hand, if Korbel were a high-level officer of Russian military intelligence, GRU, as some suspect he was, then Korbel's conduct would be absolutely logical and couldn't have been any different. Those who knew Korbel since 1948 till his death in 1977 in United States should, in light of these facts, analyze for themselves what side of the Cold War he was on. I can say myself, as a five-time political prisoner jailed during the communist era, that Josef Korbel did absolutely nothing to help anti-communists and political prisoners in his native Czechoslovakia.

Stanislav Gross, as the Czech Interior Minister and Chairman of the Czech Social Democrats CSSD, will most likely become the new Czech Prime Minister. According to the latest news Gross has chosen for his replacement as Interior Minister a person that is highly compromised by his participation on the communist era terror. Can you tell us the latest details about this scandal ?

Stanislav Gross belongs to the youngest cadres of the communist dictatorship, as he was only around 20 years old during the 1989 “changes.” During that time Mr. Gross held a high level position in the Communist Youth organization SSM, as this organization was preparing its cadres for joining the Communist Party. A highly reliable and successful official, Gross was chosen to participate in the implementation of the post “1989 anti-communist coup” organized by communist structures in Czechoslovakia. He proved himself highly reliable and competent in this task. Gross never fought for a just punishment of the communist criminals and he never worked to prevent these criminals from being part of the privatization process (of the national state wealth). He never advocated the return of property stolen by the communists during and after their takeover in 1948. For his many sins of omission Gross was rewarded. He is the youngest Prime Minister in the post-communist world. Alleged political refugee Milo Marousek was the one who introduced Gross into high-level politics. Milo's brother Jiri Marousek was, after the changes of 1989, able to privatize the biggest machinery corporation in communist Czechoslovakia, CKD Prague. Jiri has received credits from the state communist bank to buy and run this company, but he never paid them back and his firm went bankrupt. The sole purpose of this scam was to force Czech taxpayers to pay Marousek's debt. Only communist cadres and the cadres of the special services were allowed to reap the benefits of privatization and the so-called “anti-communist revolution.” Not only did Jiri Marousek benefit, but also his brother, Milo Marousek, often bragged that he came home on the first plane from the United States in November 1989. Milo claimed to belong to the Czechoslovak exile Social Democrat Party’s leadership in the United States and that he returned to help build the party – to reclaim its property, previously in communist hands. The communists, however, would never give up or return any property or wealth without a direct order from Moscow. Milo Marousek, as a “political refugee from communism,” was making a living in America by selling Soviet diamonds that may have come, directly, from the Koyma Gulag. This was the man to whom the property of the Social Democratic Party was given, without any delay or problems. This multi-billion dollar property includes the Civic House Building in Prague – given to Milo Marousek who later bragged about his successful campaign to make Stanislav Gross and Minister of Education Petra Buzkova [a registered STB informer codenamed PAVLA] into successful politicians.

Marousek used to talk about the two most powerful people in the Czech Republic – Gross and Buzkova – and that they once worked in his office opening mail and faxing documents. It also fits with the above facts that the most important person in the Socialist CSSD government was a former communist prison guard, Petr Ibl, under whose hands most of the Czechoslovak political prisoners suffered during the communist era.

Ibl was also my jailer during my imprisonment in Prague's Ruzyne prison in 1985. And yet, this man was recently nominated by Gross for the post of Czech Interior Minister; but in the end Ibl was replaced by an even more suitable and reliable candidate: then Chief of the Czech Espionage Service, Frantisek Bublan. This fellow has a very effective cover legend. We are supposed to believe that he was a “fighter against communism,” a Catholic priest and a Charter 77 signatory. Bublan never acknowledged that while attending the Catholic Seminary, instead of studying Church doctrine, he was interested only in information about the structure of the Catholic Church; and after this he was ordained a priest and left the Church, devoting his time to secular pursuits. As a Charter 77 signatory Bublan was hardly involved in anti-communist activities. On the contrary, there is reason to suspect that he was infiltrated into the Catholic Church and Charter 77 by the special services of the dictatorship. Furthermore, he has been officially connected with the special services of the post-communist governments since 1990. He has been in the highest levels of these services. During the last 15 years, the Czech special services under Bublan's leadership failed to uncover a single KGB or GRU agent in a country that was and is crawling with them. And this was the man nominated to be Interior Minister of the Czech Republic!

The newly nominated Czech Defense Minister is Karel Kuhnl, Jr. His father, Karel Kuhnl, was recruited by the communist STB as agent, codenamed ENCYKLOPED (STB file # 6013). Karel Kuhn, Jr.’s father-in-law is Dr. Vladimir Kusin, who was registered several times as an STB agent (STB file # 1327 and file # 8353) and who was recruited directly by STB headquarters. As such, agents registered with STB headquarters were the best of the best. Dr. Kusin is possibly a Soviet KGB “illegal” because, after World War Two, he registered himself with the [still democratic] Czechoslovak authorities without any proof of identification, claiming that his village was destroyed in the war. There are no documents showing that he is, in fact, Vladimir Kusin. There were hundreds of thousands of cases like his, involving people who merely asserted their identity. Because of this flawed system, the KGB and GRU were able to give false identities to thousands of espionage cadres sent to the West. Dr. Kusin used to work at the College of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, where he used to teach Marxism-Leninism to the highest communist cadres. Later, he was hired by the British Embassy in Prague as a translator, but only after a repeated pressure from the Department of Diplomatic Services [a STB-KGB cover organization]. Kusin defected [was sent out as a “refugee” after the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia"] in 1968 to the United States, but later came back to Europe as a cadre with quick job advancement prospects while working inside Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany. Kusin's appointment as vice-president of Radio Free Europe was stopped only when he was unmasked as KGB agent. Of course, he had already successfully infiltrated this U.S.-taxpayer funded service. In any case after a very strong intervention from the CIA, Dr. Kusin was forced out of Radio Free Europe. After his departure, however, it was uncovered that there were several so-called “evaluation cards” missing. These purportedly offered a detailed analysis of press monitoring of the new “anti-communist opposition,” revealing the new opposition’s communist past…. So it is no accident that Kusin's son-in-law, Karel Kuhnl, Jr., was appointed as the Czech Republic's ambassador to Britain in the 1990's. Karel Kuhnl, Jr. resigned from his Four Coalition leadership position [CZ Parliament political coalition of four parties] in 2001, just before an almost certain election victory, because serious allegations came to light that Kuhnl was a communist espionage officer. This hurt his chances to win the election. And now this man is nominated to become the Defense Minister of the Czech Republic, a NATO member country.

Through these examples we see that the communist special services prepare their cadres years and decades ahead of time, installing their people in key positions where they are able to meet their tasks and follow their orders in the future. We can show examples in which Soviet agents of influence have been active in the United States for decades now; that these cadres pass on orders and tasks to their descendants or followers. Unfortunately, the American counterintelligence services are not able to deal with this slow, systematic infiltration that is being conducted with great secrecy.

To be continued next week....

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