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By Richard Roberts
6 July 2005



How we learned to stop worrying...

and Love the Current Account Deficit....


© Richard Roberts 6/4/05

Editor's note: This story from Richard Roberts fits in with the news that Olavo de Carvalho, the Brazilian conservative philosopher and columnist, was fired from his position at O Globo. "With my dismissal, Brazilian big media becomes at last the conservative-free ambience it aimed to be," Olavo explained. The revolutionary left marches on.

Slowly and stealthily the U.S. is being surrounded as the chess pieces of the Baran-Wallerstein strategy fall into place, including a new pact in the “spirit of cooperation” between traditional enemies China and India.  They have resolved all border disputes,  have new trade agreements, and are part of the bigger BRIC alliance, that is, Brazil, Russia, India, and China.

You may wonder how Brazil fits into the picture.  The U.S. is aware of the Iran, Syria, Russia alliance to our east, which has support from France and Germany, those governments on the Security Council which took oil vouchers from Saddam in exchange for U.N. opposition to our attempts to remove Saddam.  Incidentally, in case you missed it, this week Jacky Chirac named a new PM, none other than Dominique deVillepin, notorious for his remark in favor of more stalling on behalf of Saddam, “Now we know that inspections work!”  Now only Britain remains as a true ally in Europe. 

In the Far East, our preoccupation was with North Korea, and supposedly we thought that China would keep Kim Jong in line, but this was wishful thinking.  Japan is the equivalent of Britain as an ally in the Far East, but they lack military preparedness. Taiwan is the sitting duck ally, with a multitude of Chinese missiles pointed its way, ready to fire whenever China decides to take back Taiwan. 

Seemingly Hindu India makes a strange bedfellow with Communist China, but India is in part reacting to America’s supplying Pakistan with missiles; however, Muslim Pakistan is an even stranger bedfellow for the U.S., and certainly an unreliable ally should the government prove unable to control the fervor of that country’s jihadiis.  Unknown to most, and never mentioned in the news, is the presence in India of an indigenous Marxist movement known as the Naxalites.  Indeed, India has focused most of its attention on Naxalite terrorists in Kashmir, which are financed and organized by Pakistan! 

Former Indian intelligence servicemen founded the South Asian Intelligence Review to keep tabs on this and other terrorist organizations. Retired intelligence director K. P. Singh estimates the Naxalites raise up to $40 million a year, and unfortunately the Indian government has treated the Naxalites as a local law enforcement problem, much in the way that Clinton did by turning down Sudan’s offer to extradite bin Laden on the grounds that he had not yet committed a crime in America.

Like the Mafia of old, Naxalites raise money mostly from extortion in remote rural villages where the government’s presence is scarce.  But they also provide some social services that serve to enable them to proselytize effectively.  Think the Salvation Army with a gun.  Once someone becomes a follower, he is provided with food and housing.  The targets are usually local police, but in 2003 they tried to assassinate Chief Minister Naidu of Andhra Pradesh state, leaving him with serious injuries. Support of opposition candidates risks beheading, so it is no wonder that Naxalites have grown since 2003 from nine Indian states comprising 55 districts to 13 states and 170 districts by February of this year. This rapid expansion coincides with the Maoist cadre in Nepal that rules much of that nation’s rural areas.  Representatives of these two terrorist organizations met in Calcutta four years ago where they laid out a plan for a “compact revolutionary zone” to reach from Nepal to southern India.  The Naxalites’ origins go back to a 1967 peasant uprising in Naxalbarin in West Bengal.  Ajai Sahni, editor of the South Asian Intelligence Review, concedes that there may be 10,000 cadres of Naxalites, with substantially more supporters. 

China is poised to move east, threatening Taiwan with “reunification,” while also threatening Japan, two nations which are our true allies, while South Korea seems to waffle further on whether or not they want our military support or “reunification” with North Korea. 

But unknown to most is the way that China has been expanding its sphere of influence West, that is, beyond India into many of the former Soviet republics.  Indeed, one of the most underreported news items is about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.  Bet you never heard of it; nevertheless, it is now perhaps the most important part of the B-W strategy to isolate and strangle America.  First of all, the SCO alliance between Russia and China demonstrates that despite all talk of liberalization in Russia and China, Communists cannot change their stripes.  In June 2001, Russia and China signed a treaty, including Central Asian nations of the former Soviet Union, which pledges each nation to come to the aid of the others when these nations deem that their security is being threatened by the “three evils of separatism, extremism and terrorism.”  

Thus China’s claim to Tibet, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan would activate a reaction from Russia and the other nations should Taiwan resist reunification.  And make no mistake, the pact’s designation of terrorism does not mean that these nations will aid us in our fight against Islamo-fascism, for Russia and China are not only financing terrorism, but China has made proliferation of missiles an extension of diplomacy, just as has Kim Jong.  Not surprisingly, China and Russia are pushing to include Iran in the SCO.  I reported earlier that Russia had signed a joint pact with Iran and Syria, so all but a “see-no-evil” liberal in the U.S. Congress can see that we are being surrounded by nuclear-armed nations utilizing Third World terrorists, as the Communist strategists of the B-W theory move their chess pieces into position for an eventual cataclysmic confrontation. 

Should Bush move carrier battle groups into the vicinity of a beleaguered Taiwan, China has enough massed mainland missiles to threaten our ships.  Moreover, one of Clinton’s gifts to China in exchange for their largess with campaign donations was a torpedo designed to explode under carriers.  It would seem that the time is rapidly approaching when our days as a power in the Pacific will be numbered. 

While we seem to have fought Islamo-fascism to a standstill at present, Iran, which suffered mightily at the hands of Iraq, now has designs on killing two birds with one stone, that is, occupying Iraq, while throwing out the American “crusaders.”  Should Iran make a move, Syria, which has all of Saddam’s WMDs, may simultaneously invade Iraq from the west, with the full support of its pact ally, Russia. 

Given the potential threats developing both east and west of the U.S., can we take any comfort from the situation to the south of us.  Better sit down kiddies, and have a stiff drink.  Remember I began by citing the BRIC alliance.  That’s Brazil, along with Russia, India and China.  Maybe you are skeptical of any harm coming from Brazil.  But why do you think Condi Rice spent five days traveling to Brazil, El Salvador, Columbia and Chile in late April?  She was hoping to get a commitment from Brazilian President Luis Lula da Silva to rally other democracies against Communist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, but she was told point blank by Brazil’s Foreign Minister Celso Amorin that Venezuela’s sovereignty would be respected by Brazil, and indeed protected. 

The last pieces of B-W strategy in regard to South America began to fall into place in May 2004, when Lula da Silva visited Beijing and called for “the democratization of international relations and global multipolarization.”  “Democratization” = Communization, Communist New Speak for ending America’s pre-eminence on the world stage. 

Historically Communists use more than words to convert the unwilling, and Chinese President Hu Jintao came to Brazil in November bearing gifts:  Said Lula, “China helped us send satellites into orbit and we, in return, offer techniques to China in the manufacture of airplanes.” 

You  may recall that American manufactured satellites never got off Chinese launching pads or went awry, until the Manchurian candidate sent Loral technicians to fine-tune China’s missile program, in exchange for big campaign donations not only from the Chinese but from Loral’s president, Bernie Schwartz.  Now China is doing the liberal thing by gifting its missile expertise, for Brazil has plans for long-range missile launches and a secret nuclear program to which it has permitted no inspections. Moreover, China is backing Brazil’s move for a seat on the Security Council.  In turn, Brazil supports Beijing’s “one China” claim to Taiwan. 

But Venezuela is the eye of the Communist hurricane in South America.  Official U.S. protests to the Russian embassy over the sale of 100,000 Kalashnikov rifles to Venezuela brought a curt “Don’t meddle in our affairs.”  The Russians are of course one of Mr. Kerry’s “allies.”  It would be nice to see him in fatigues again, sporting a Kalashnikov and fighting alongside his other ally, the Chinese, who have sent “trainers” and “advisors” to support Chavez’s many “insurrections” in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia.  Indeed, China has been accused by American and Columbian officials of supporting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia (FARC).  As to Kerry’s other ally, you have to admire the French for their persistence in arming our enemies.  Even though the Israelis destroyed the reactor sold by France to Saddam, France announced this week that they would sell a reactor to Libya.

Now pick up the Cuban piece of the B-W puzzle and drop it into place with the BRIC, and all of the insurrections in South America, for both Chavez and Lula are disciples of Castro, and Venezuela supplies him with oil.  Certainly 100,000 rifles can support an awful lot of insurrections, but seemingly they would have little impact on America.  But get this.  The Russian news agency RIA Novosti, reported last month that Russia and Venezuela are about to do a $250 million deal whereby Venezuela would acquire two squadrons of SU-27 Flanker fighters with a combat range of nearly 1,000 miles, enabling them to dogfight over the entire Caribbean and Central America.  Moreover, what is to stop them from using bases in Cuba?  Earlier in February, as part of the rifle deal, Chavez bought ten MI-17 and MI-26 helicopters from Russia. 

Yes, by means of all the alliances I have cited above, the Communist noose is definitely tightening around America.  Thanks to that other Democrat fellow-traveler Jimmy Carter, China also controls both ends of the Panama Canal.  And with the open border policy of the Bush administration, it is chilling to think that one or more of the multitude of foreign nationals coming over our borders may be carrying a suitcase nuke. 

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