February 2003
The Nuclear Fatwa
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No good deed goes unpunished

From a Muslim Web site: 
A photocopy of the article published on a site that is
identified with Bin Laden's organization.


"Nuclear Warfare is the Solution for Destroying America"

In the name of Allah the most merciful. Thus, you are not mistaken in reading this text. This is the only way to kill the greatest possible number of Americans. The Americans have never experienced a threat like this one. During World War II, America used this [nuclear] weapon twice in three days following the successful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Today, the United States uses the most powerful and advanced weapons of destruction against the peaceful citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it proudly supports the war that Russia is waging against Chechnya, not out of affection for Russia, but rather from its hatred of Moslems.

America has bombed Iraq with weaponry that will pollute the soil and underground water with radiation for thousands of years. It also enhances its bombs with depleted uranium to cause even greater harm to the people and the environment. This, so that no one should think that after they leave the island of [the Prophet] Mohammed [the Arabian Peninsula], which they have transformed into a restricted area, just to return to the same place [because of the pollution perpetrated by them]. It seems, in fact, that the wild beasts in the White House have forgotten or have tried to forget one very important thing, which is, in all pride - the Al-Qaeda organization. This organization, which strikes fear in the hearts of the infidel West, turns youth into people who have nothing in this world but their devotion to Allah and to His Prophet Mohammed, and who are the tormentors of the sons of whores [i.e. - the West], and who are shining examples of estrangement from the sins of this world ... and of selling their souls to Allah.... Therefore, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Even though the Americans have bombs possessing enormous power, Al-Qaeda is even more powerful than they, and it has in its possession bombs which are called "dirty bombs", and bombs with deadly viruses, which will spread fatal diseases throughout American cities....

The coming days will prove that Kaedat el-Jihad [the Al-Qaeda organization] is capable of turning America into a sea of deadly radiation, and this will prove to the world that the end is at hand.... Yes, we will destroy America and its allies, because they have used their power for evil against the weak.

And now, the end approaches at the hand of the enlightened [Islamic] youth astride their horses [fighting the war against the infidels]; they will
dismount either as victors or vanquished [i.e. - fall in holy war for Allah].

Author: Abu Shihab El-Kandahari

26 December 2002


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