Another Fine Specimen
1 May 2005



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words.

          PART IV, Petr Cibulka Interview, Spring 2005
Translated by Jan Malina
Edited by J.R. Nyquist


Q: According to reports published in the American press, Russian spetsnaz moved Saddam's weapons of mass destruction to Syria just before the American invasion. What do you make of these reports?


Cibulka: These reports show that Russia cannot be trusted. The number of irrefutable proofs is large and increasing. I would like to know how much longer President Bush's administration is willing to pretend that KGB Lieutenant Colonel Putin is America's friend and that Russia is America's strategic partner.


I'm certain that Russia is using this [false friendship] for strengthening, training and arming surrogate terrorist organizations so they can attack the United States. As I have said before, whoever succeeds in stopping the Russian GRU and KGB will solve the problem of global terrorism.


Q: Has there been anything published about these important developments in the Czech Republic?


Cibulka: We live under an information monopoly in the Czech Republic, and it is very easy to block all information that would endanger the final objectives of the Russian power structures. These objectives include the destabilization and destruction of the United States of America and the renewal of Russia as an imperial superpower with a totalitarian centralized government. Not one word has been published about this in the Czech mainstream press. 


Q: When we talk about Russian military strategy, is it possible to speculate that Russian WMDs will be used against America by terrorists or rogue states?


Cibulka: As I have stated before, Russia is determined to fight America through surrogates. On the one hand, Russia is trying to provoke a split between America and Europe. On the other hand, Russia is trying to strengthen the most fanatical anti-American regimes in the world by supplying them with weapons of mass destruction. In the case of Iraq, Russia's moves were unsuccessful; and I'm convinced that the same strategy is being used with regard to Syria, Iran, South Africa, North Korea, Libya and even Cuba. When we look at these states and imagine their armament at the level of North Korea, that is to say with nuclear missiles, we can see that these countries are spread around the globe and cover nearly every corner of our planet. Russia doesn't have to start a nuclear attack from her territory to destroy the Western powers. On the contrary, Russia could claim neutrality during such a conflict. The destruction of the West would be accomplished by Russia's allies. I believe that this is part of the real Russian strategy. The words of Vladimir Putin about Russia's friendship and strategic cooperation don't have any value in the light of Russia's real political objectives.  


Q: According to my sources the former Czechoslovak General Jan Sejna, the highest level defector from the communist bloc, testified that the communist espionage services had high level moles inside the FBI during the reign of J. Edgar Hoover. My sources further suggest that these agents had compromising data on Hoover and could destroy him instantly at any time if they chose to do so. Hoover was also the man who accepted the testimony of a defector that ran contrary to a proven and reliable defector from the KGB named Anatoliy Golitsyn.  What do you make of this struggle within U.S. intelligence? 


Cibulka: I think the communists manipulate what happens inside of these services. Additionally, it seems that the special services are creating another center of power inside certain Western countries. This appears in the fact that it's possible for them to have exclusive information on political representatives. Whoever has the information and the money will have the political power -- directly or indirectly. From my long term observation of the Western services, I've come to the conclusion that officials of these services don't count communist spies among their enemies. Instead, they see them as partners who are suitable for mutually beneficial worldwide cooperation. This trend leads us toward a situation in which we cannot tell where capitalism ends and communism begins. 


Q: Are you familiar with the terms "distributionsm" and "communitarianism"? I've heard that these involve a political  program of wealth redistribution similar to communism.


Cibulka: Yes, these are communist ideas. Originally, they were used thousands of years ago in India and about 1,500 years ago in the religious centers of Christian Europe. Monks used communism in monasteries in order to satisfy all their material needs with united effort, so they could devote more time to spiritual pursuits.


Given the spiritual decline of recent times, due in part to the overturning of the fundamental values of good and evil, truth and falsehood, many good ideas have fallen into misuse. Today the communist and leftist forces of the world claim a monopoly over collectivist values. They have taken over these values, turned them upside down and emptied them completely. 


The ideas of distributionism and communitarianism are not used to satisfy material needs for a spiritual purpose, but exactly the opposite. It is all about the maximal satisfaction of bodily desires under a system directed by a strong hand. Any deviation from the materialist standard is punished severely. This is the tendency of all materialists and collectivists today. They bring about a uniform society that is easy to rule. Every man is directed to be like every other, to have the same values and goals. Under such a system the individual is a blind object of centralized manipulation through information and material stimulus. The opposite of this system would be a direct democracy that does not deny the highest spiritual and moral principles. 


Q: On 4/4/97 a Russian merchant marine vessel, Kapitan Man, attacked a Canadian Naval helicopter that was trying to take photographs of the Russian ship as it monitored a U.S. Ohio Class ballistic missile submarine. The Russians used a special laser weapon that permanently damaged both the pilot's and photographer's eyes. The Clinton administration covered up the incident and swept it under the rug. What is your opinion of such incidents?


Cibulka: Such Russian maneuvers have nothing to do with legitimate defense. Rather than having a defensive character, such actions are calculated to negate America's defenses. If we were to acknowledge Russia's right to defend herself without any kind of limitations, then we would have to give Russia the right to install a GRU military intelligence residency inside the White House and the Pentagon. Russian audacity would say that this constitutes "legitimate defense." It is important to keep in mind J.J. Rousseau's rule: "One's freedom ends where another's begins." If America gives up a defensible position under "fair and equal rules," she cannot remain free for long. America must restore the balance of power while maintaining a vigilant attitude.


Q: After the "collapse" of communism Russia let many Jews immigrate to Israel. Has this situation been used to advance Moscow's strategic goals? 


Cibulka: First, it must be explained that tens of thousands of Russian Jews, interspersed with pretended Jews, left the USSR for Israel and America during the Brezhnev era. In this way the KGB and GRU not only managed to export thousands of agents of influence but also tens of thousands of criminals whose Jewish ethnicity was often a fabricated. This has been the cornerstone of Soviet state organized crime which has flourished to the present time, increasing its influence since 1990. This situation is best described in Robert Friedman's book, Red Mafia


Q: It has been reported in the Washington Times that Russian intelligence is aggressively targeting U.S. citizens [military and civilian] for recruitment as spies. Is there anything you can say about this matter? 


Cibulka: I know that the Communist International issued an order to its cadres during the 1920s. It was an order of the utmost importance -- to infiltrate the intelligence services, armed forces, police, state administration and key financial sectors of their respective countries. I do not doubt for a moment that this order was fulfilled in all countries. Since the communists began to follow this order in the 1920s, I suspect that they have long since gained access to the highest levels of American society. The Communist International and the countries of the Soviet Bloc never abandoned this infiltration strategy. In fact, this strategy is discernable and documented in the policies of Bill Clinton, Al Gore and all the way back to Jimmy Carter. It is therefore naive to think that Russia and China are just beginning to recruit new agents today. Infiltration and subversion are the most important communist strategies, and they have never stopped. 


Because America's counterespionage services refuse to employ proven KGB and GRU methods, America has no chance to counter foreign infiltration. Many agents of influence have been able to work their way up the ladder of American politics so that any effort on the part of U.S. counterintelligence has been paralyzed by these people from the beginning. It is pure nonsense to think that the communists are only interested in American technology. Communism wants to conquer the world. 


Q: Can you define the main strategic mission of all communist and post-communist espionage services?


Cibulka: It is the breakdown of Western Civilization by removing its spiritual and moral pillars and replacing them with materialism and socialism. 


Q: How do you see the world situation developing in light of Moscow's strategy?


Cibulka: Since their most important objective is to cause a total breakdown of Western Civilization, its moral and spiritual values and also its economic, political and power structures, it is necessary to fundamentally weaken the middle class and limit the bourgeoisie's political role. This strategy has apparently met with success.


If the West is unable to protect its middle class, it will end up like the old Roman Empire and fall before the attacks of Eastern Barbarians. This fate may yet be avoided if freedom is strengthened in the economic sphere, and also in politics, and by adhering to the highest spiritual and moral principles of Western Civilization. Without this everything will be lost. 



Biographical background

Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, Uncensored News, opposing the "official" informational blockade organized by the communists through their "soft" control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files, including the names of over 200,000 communist spies and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" communist officials.

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