Another Fine Specimen
17 April 2005



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words.

          PART II, Petr Cibulka Interview, Spring 2005
Translated by Jan Malina
Edited by J.R. Nyquist


Q: When we look, for example, at the "former" Soviet military officer Viktor Bout, who has supplied weapons and explosives to Al Qaeda, is it possible to assume that Al Qaeda is controlled by the Russian Secret Services [FSB, GRU], and that the 9/11 attack, and any other upcoming terrorist attack on America, is in reality fully controlled and run by Moscow?


Cibulka: Personally I don't doubt that Russia hasn't given up her plan to rule the World. At this time Russia is not trying to defeat the West by herself in a direct confrontation; but she is using anybody willing to help, to destabilize and cause the total breakdown of the West.

This method involves subversion from within, and also from without, against western countries.


It is unimaginable that Al Qaeda, whose main headquarters were in long-time Soviet occupied Afghanistan, wouldn't be infiltrated in its leading structures with people trained by the Soviet occupation forces. Of course, I wouldn't say that the majority of the members of such terrorist groups are phony Islamic radicals, but I think they are directed and manipulated through cadres coordinated by Moscow.


I am convinced that Russian military intelligence (GRU) is directing terrorist activities against the United States and the West. This is Moscow's main option for defeating the West. Therefore the GRU is supplying the Islamic terrorists with Russian nuclear weapons so the planned attack against the United States by Russia, China and their allies can follow.


Q: There was a summit between the U.S. President Bush and Russian president Putin in Bratislava, Slovakia, in February this year. What is your opinion about this meeting?


Cibulka: Putin tried to convince Bush that Russia is not a threat to American interests. On the contrary, her politics is a stabilizing factor. Putin also explained the lack of freedom in Russia as a Russian tradition, and that Russia is unprepared for democracy. It is important, in regarding Russia, that the American president asks for deeds and not words. I'm afraid Putin is not able to offer deeds. On the contrary, behind many of America's problems I see Russia and China as America's leading opponents. These countries fight America in such a way that their hands are never recognized behind the obstacles America faces.


Q: Did Bush's trip to Bratislava make any sense to you? And because this city has always been a very important KGB center [today FSB], was it  safe for Bush to go there?


Cibulka: I don't understand why it was important for President Bush to meet with Putin in Bratislava. There are thousands of places in the world more suitable for such a summit.


Regarding the talks, we don't know a lot about what was discussed. According to what has been published, an American-Russian agreement was signed that prohibits small mobile rocket weapons which are able to carry nuclear warheads.


If the technology has progressed so that a one or two member team is able to launch missiles with nuclear warheads to a distance of some tens of kilometers,

then the United States, thanks to its unprotected borders, is in grave danger from inland [nuclear] terrorism.


American cities and citizens are not protected by any agreement signed with KGB Lieutenant Colonel Putin. Only maximal security at America's borders against the smuggling of small nuclear missiles will do the job. Because I am convinced that such weapons are already in the United States, an effective space-based ground detection system must be deployed to uncover the weapons before they can be used. At the same time, it is imperative to increase the efficiency of America's intelligence services that are presently no match for the communist and post-communist special services who indirectly control key terrorist organizations. The reform of American intelligence should begin with a policy of zero tolerance for unproductive officers within these agencies. Whoever does not produce excellent results must be forced out, and should be replaced by police and analytic specialists who have succeeded against organized crime. 


Q: Does it make sense to sign any agreements with Moscow, since Russia is selling weapons of mass destruction to terrorists under the table? 


Cibulka: A Russian signature under any kind of agreement has only the value of the paper on which it is written. The same applies to the communist Chinese and their "stalking horse" in North Korea -- which will be used for future dirty work against America.


If America wants to defend herself successfully against these countries, she must be able to destroy them at any time, even if these countries strike first, directly or through proxy, by using their terrorist networks. If America is not able to convince these countries of her readiness to strike back, she is merely encouraging them to launch a destructive attack. 


Q: When we talk about the infiltration of America by communist-led organized crime there is the question of Petr Lukes, an alleged agent of the Czechoslovak STB. Lukes is supposedly living in Florida, has over $40 million and runs a Czech apartment company that owns your apartment in Prague. What is your experience with Lukes?


Cibulka: I have only the worst experience with him and his company. Because a free market in apartments is nonexistent in the Czech Republic, it is very difficult to leave my apartment and move elsewhere. Petr Lukes and his people are taking advantage of this and are bullying me. Just last year, Lukes' people, led by Czech Interior Ministry lawyer Dr. Vladimir Kolar, and also two uniformed policemen, who by the way refused to identify themselves -- this bunch forced their way into my apartment [their locksmith drilled the door lock], took possession of a section of my apartment, and in this way the regime tried to hamper or stop my fight against communism and post-communism.


I'm the chairman of a political party called Right Bloc -- a party that stands for the recall of politicians, a referendum system as well as direct democracy [see], and in todays Czech Republic we are just about the only genuine opposition political party calling for the implementation of the traditional system of the American Republic. Our political program is naturally hated by the communist cadres, officers and collaborators of the communist secret police. That's why this forced intrusion into my apartment took place. When I filed a criminal complaint against the police, the investigator stated that there was no crime committed by the Interior Ministry lawyer and the two officers.


In today's Czech Republic there is no power that is able to stop or punish such activities. Petr Lukes' firm has also prevented me from having a normal telephone line and Internet connection and a cable TV connection.


As it may sound absurd to Americans, having such hookups in the Czech Republic requires the landlord's consent. No firm can install these connections to my apartment when Petr Lukes refuses to give the O.K. Therefore I am forced to rely on a cell phone, which is many times easier to monitor and wiretap, and they can track my movements.


Our country's spies also have technology that allows them to use your cell phone as a bugging device, capable of listening to personal direct conversations when the cell phone is with you. 


The Czech Republic special services not only listen to the conversations of people they are interested in, but they also routinely block contacts with the outside world. As you know very well, our phone contacts are cut off systematically or the connection is hampered from the outset. In case of other people, such problems don't exist.


The same applies to our internet connection. My e-mail inbox is constantly being spammed with thousands of otherwise meaningless e-mails daily. In this way the post-communist secret service is trying to block my contact with the world.


Q: In our first interview, where we talked about the connection between the communist secret services and 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta, the most sensitive part of the interview was blocked from the Czech Internet for 6 months.  


Cibulka: It should come as no surprise that the Czech post-communist government, through the use of its secret police, is trying to prevent publishing of critical information about the connection between Atta and the communist and post-communist Czechoslovakia and also with the Czech Republic.


Atta used to come to the Czech Republic often, in the past and also before his arrival in America, and before the 9/11 attack on New York.


According to some reports, Atta didn't come to America through Hamburg [where he used to live], as it was publicized, but directly from Prague. That should be, in my opinion, a substantial reason why America should not trust the Czech post-communist special services, especially the military intelligence service which is still under "former" communist officers.


It is also significant that all information connecting Atta and Prague is vigorously blocked from publication abroad. The official version says that Atta's visits to the Czech Republic have never been confirmed.


Q: What is, in your opinion, the real reason Lukes stays in Florida?


Cibulka: First, I would like to point out that Petr Lukes is one of the richest people in the Czech Republic, and that during the communist dictatorship and Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia, he worked as head waiter in one of the most luxurious hotels in the spa city Karlovy Vary.


Karlovy Vary [Carlsbad] is known as an unofficial center of communist espionage, namely Russian espionage. There is reason to be suspicious of the quick way Lukes came into his wealth after the so-called anti-communist revolution in Czechoslovakia. I don't think Petr Lukes served as an STB agent, but I suspect he was recruited by the Russian special services [KGB and GRU].


I think his presence in the United States should be considered a security risk because Petr Lukes is a criminal suspect, wanted for several crimes in the Czech Republic [i.e., the Czech government wants everyone to know that Lukes acts on his own as a "common criminal" and that the state has nothing to do with his activities -- Editor's Note].


Lukes should be brought to justice in the United States and or deported back to the Czech Republic which has already asked the U.S. Government to hand him over. 


Q: There was a report published in the Czech press that Czech president Vaclav Klaus is frequently in a contact with Russian national Alexander Rebyonok, who lives permanently in the city of Karlovy Vary. Can you tell us something more about Rebyonok?


Cibulka: Vaclav Klaus's anti-American stand was for some years a big mystery for many people, as he was always criticizing America whenever her politics came into conflict with Moscow.


After the Czech magazine Reflex published this massive article about Klaus's long-term contacts with Alexander Rebyonok, who is regarded as a so-called "illegal" of Russian military intelligence (GRU), and whose vital records in the Russian Federation cannot be found, I can offer an educated guess about the true source of Vaclav Klaus's anti-American orientation. 


Q: Presently, you have legal problems with "former" STB communist agents, who constantly keep filling lawsuits against you for publishing their names, agent code names and file numbers in the STB files you have published. What is the real  attitude toward you by the Czech justice system, and what possibilities do Czech citizens have to obtain justice in the "democratic" Czech Republic?


Cibulka: Czech Communist Justice, during the openly communist dictatorship, sent me to prison five times where I spent altogether 5 years. My 5th imprisonment [10 year sentence] was only stopped by the so-called Velvet Revolution.


During the following post-communist era, thanks to my publishing of 200,000 names of officers and collaborators of the communist secret police, I have become the most tried and sued person in the Czech Republic and perhaps in the world.


In these court trials with communist agents, the deciding judges were all communists, because the Vaclav Havel regime pushed through a law that, at the highest levels of the justice system, only judges with long-term experience are permitted to conduct trials.


For example, a district judge has to have a minimum of 10 years of experience as a judge. A judge of the federal court must have 15 years of experience, and a Justice of the Supreme Court has to have 20 years of experience.  


This means that non-communist judges, 15 years after the so-called revolution, are able to work as judges only at the lowest levels of the justice system.


Because court cases involving communist agents are decided by the higher courts, and because of the fact that during the openly communist era about 100 percent of the judges were members of the Communist Party, to this day only communist judges get to decide my guilt or innocence.


This also applies to other opponents of communism. Therefore, to call the Czech Republic a state that respects the rule of law is to articulate a fiction. 


Q: Is there a legal alternative for Czech citizens who cannot obtain justice from the Czech Republic judiciary?


The only way is to go through years of court battles, and after exhausting all options, including the Czech Supreme Court, you can submit your case to the Human Rights International Court in Strasbourg, France, or since May 1, 2004, since the Czech Republic became an EU member state, you can go to the European Justice Court in Luxembourg.


I don't know yet what the situation is in Luxembourg, but the Human Rights Court in Strasbourg will not give justice to Czech citizens because a group of communist cadres is in a position to prevent this. Officials assigned by the communist dictatorship have retained their posts in Strasbourg thanks to the Czech government. For example, one of the group's members is Eva Hubalkova, who joined the Czech Communist Party on 11-17-1989, and who comes from the highest communist circles. Her mother used to serve as deputy to communist Prime Minister Lubomir Strougal, and Hubalkova's father allegedly belongs to the cadres of the science and technology special services.


Not even genuine pro-democracy activists were able to force the removal of Hubalkova and other communist cadres from their posts at this court. The Czech Republic representation at Strasbourg, especially the so-called 2nd section of the Human Rights Court, is notorious for preventing or otherwise stopping claims and lawsuits of Czech citizens filled against the Czech Republic, as these motions and fillings remain untouched without the court being able to consider them. 


Important documents also turn up "missing" from these court fillings, and the majority of these cases are being dismissed by these same Czech Republic representatives, without the Strasbourg Court ever making any decision about these claims.


The criminality and impropriety of the Czech Republic representatives is obvious, and the Czech Republic has never corrected the situation or even reacted to these cases officially in any way. 


Q: About Elections in the Czech Republic. Can you comment on state intrusion and sabotage of your party's election campaigns? 


Cibulka: First, we need to say that elections in the Czech Republic are neither free nor are they democratic. The ruling group of political parties force the citizens into certain choices through law enactments, such as campaign competition rules, so that only the ruling parties can win significant representation. Because of this, the Czech Republic political system is totally impenetrable and it is impossible to get inside it from the outside. In addition to preventing any kind of electoral competition between the parliamentary and non-parliamentary political parties under fair and square rules, the holders of the country's political power are using criminal methods against genuine opposition parties. For example, during the 2002 Czech parliamentary elections the mainstream media started a fierce discrediting campaign against Right Bloc and myself, in which they tried to criminalize me. Then the Czech Republic Parliament Chairman, and also chairman of the most influential "opposition" party ODS, Vaclav Klaus [today he is the Czech president], 14 hours before the polls opened up, shamelessly attacked our political party in one of the most viewed TV political programs and called us fascists. But our political program advocates the American and Swiss-type system of republican democracy. 


During the Czech Senate elections in 2003 we paid a firm for posting our election campaign posters, but when I went to check whether these posters were really put up, there were only a few of them posted, contrary to the job agreement.


During the European Parliament elections in 2004, the Czech media destroyed our chances with a total information blockade. When we finally got some campaign add space, the media began spreading disinformation about us. All our protests were ignored.


The most active in such information manipulations are the post-communist newspapers Mlada Fronta [Young Front - a daily for socialist youth under the communists], Rude Pravo [Red Right - the Cech Communist Party daily] and Lidove Noviny [The People's Newspaper - also a "former" communist daily]. Information from these papers is being presented as trustworthy.


Meanwhile, this very interview has been constantly interrupted. Any other phone calls to the Czech Republic are without such technical problems. As for conducting such an interview via e-mail, such correspondence is cut off or "edited." [To be continued]


Part III will be featured Next Week


Biographical background

Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, Uncensored News, opposing the "official" informational blockade organized by the communists through their "soft" control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files, including the names of over 200,000 communist spies and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" communist officials.

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