Another Fine Specimen
10 April 2005



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words.

          PART I, Petr Cibulka Interview, Spring 2005
Translated by Jan Malina
Edited by J.R. Nyquist

Biographical background

Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, Uncensored News, opposing the "official" informational blockade organized by the communists through their "soft" control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files, including the names of over 200,000 communist spies and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" communist officials.


Q: Is the situation in Iraq satisfactory when communists are trying to be part of the new government?


Cibulka: Let us hope that the results of Iraq's elections will be such, that communists wouldn't get any representation inside the Parliament. It is equally important that the Iraqi theocratic parties don't get a majority. The most important thing for democracy and freedom is that none of these extreme totalitarian ideologies, alone or in coalition, get the Parliamentary majority. If this happens I am very pessimistic about the future of democracy in Iraq.


Q: As a member of the Iraqi Communist Party, Mufid Al-Jazairi was also the Minister of Cultural Affairs in the Iraqi Interim Government. He is also an agent of the Czechoslovak Communist Secret Police STB, code name GUSTAV. Would you agree that Jazairi is no guarantor of the interests of democracy in Iraq?


Cibulka: Additionally, I am afraid that Jazairi is an agent of Russian military intelligence (GRU), that was for some time behind the Iraqi Communist Party's clandestine partisan war to take political power in Iraq. 


Jazairi belonged to leading officers of the communist-led partisan war; and after the USSR-Saddam agreement, and therefore after the end of this armed communist resistance against Saddam, Jazairi, alongside with these partisan military elites, was ordered back to communist countries.


Jazairi was, for his entire life, involved in conspiracy and subversion operations. I am sure that even in his post as Cultural Minister of Iraq inside the pro-American interim government in Baghdad, Jazairi continued to play a subversive role. The Communists are not ultimately willing to share political power with anybody. To gain absolute power is their only goal, which is part of the Marxist-Leninist teaching that these people follow as "most holy."


Q: According to Czech press reports, it was Al-Jazairi himself who helped free two Czech journalists held by Fallujah insurgents. Does this suggest that these insurgent groups are actually under Moscow's control?


Cibulka: I'm convinced it is the case. Moscow is always struggling against the West, and most of all against America, but is using "other hands" to do it. It means setting up obstacles that America and her allies are forced to stumble over. By using surrogates, Moscow's hand never becomes visible. From this point of view, the recent situation in Iraq is ideal for Moscow. Personally, I can't even imagine a situation more opportune for the GRU and various Moscow directed anti-American and anti-West groups.


When America wants to stop this terrorist war in Iraq, she must first and foremost stop the GRU operations there.

If the United States continues to support GRU cadres in the Iraqi government, like Al-Jazairi [and certainly not only him alone], then America unwittingly assures the victory of Moscow's underhanded strategy.


Q: According to a Prague Post article about the 9/11 attack and Mohammad Atta, in reference to his Prague 2001 meetings with Iraqi diplomat and intelligence officer al-Ani, the Saddam Hussein connection to Al-Qaeda should be obvious. Is it likely, that since the Czech Government and Czech Intelligence Services are still connected to Moscow, that this purposely released Iraq-Al Qaeda connection (i.e., the secret Atta/al-Ani meetings) was a provocation intended to draw the United States into a conflict with Iraq in order to divert American military strength prior to a planned crisis in the future?


Cibulka: We can now see, given recent developments in the Middle East, that Iraq was to become America's new Vietnam. If Moscow really planned it this way, the plan is successful so far. At the same time, however, I am convinced that America has a chance to change the course of the situation and make Iraq her true ally. The Iraqi people have to convince America that only the American model of government, with legislative referendum and a direct democracy system, will give the people more freedom that any other competing political system. I do believe that if America applies the traditional principles of the Founding Fathers in Iraq that she'll succeed in convincing the Iraqi people about the correctness of these principles. In that event, the joint conniving of Moscow and militant Islam for America's defeat and for creation of centralized autocrat political model, will fail. 


Q: According to your own 1991 interview with then Deputy Federal Minister of Interior of the Czechoslovak Federative Republic [before they split the country into the Czech and Slovak Republics] Jan Ruml, he himself acknowledged that the communist Czechoslovakia had terrorist training camps, such as Zastavka near Brno, and in the city of Karlovy Vary. According to another report, published by Italian daily Corriere della Serra, with the then KGB spokesman A.P. Kandaurov, he stated that the training of terrorists in communist Czechoslovakia was also done in a camp near, or in,  Prague. Prague was possibly serving as a co-ordination center for the terrorist training program directorate, as Ruml acknowledged again, and terrorists like Carlos the Jackal and Abi Abu Del Hal, as well as the German-based terrorists from the Red Army Faction [RAF], stayed and trained in Prague during those times. What is the Czech Government's official position today, regarding the fact that the 9/11 hijacker Mohammad Atta was trained by Czechoslovak communists in the Zastavka training camp near city of Brno in 1988?


Cibulka: Czech Government officials today, 14 years after the admissions of Jan Ruml and KGB spokesman Kandaurov, are claiming that there were never any terrorist training camps in communist Czechoslovakia.


The [communist] archives were never declassified and published, so it is practically impossible to prove the Czech Republic Government is lying. Czech Prime Minister Gross and his socialist government should first and foremost explain why 14 years ago Deputy Interior Minister Jan Ruml claimed that Islamic terrorists were trained in Zastavka near Brno and in Karlovy Vary, and why a KGB spokesman named Prague as the center of the [communist] terrorist operations against the West.


According to then director of West German Intelligence Gehlen, in his book Secret Service in Action, Prague served as the most important city in the cause of communist global subversion and espionage operations.


A vast number of communist international organizations, active all over the World, like the International Student Association, the World Union Organization, the International Association of Journalists and many others, had their head offices in Prague. The city of Karlovy Vary, as the most west-situated communist controlled city [in Europe], was directly under the thumb of the KGB and GRU, and these same people are to this day in full control of Karlovy Vary.   


Q: Is it possible to speculate, in the light of the fact that Atta, according to your information, was also visiting Prague frequently and often after the so-called 1989 "anti-communist" Velvet revolution, that his terrorist training in the Czech Republic, under the directive of the never-exposed communist espionage officers and terrorist operations instructors, continued, and included also piloting and operating a passenger jet?


Cibulka: Given the strenuous training of terrorist group leaders, there is today no better and more suitable place than the Czech Republic and no more suitable and experienced espionage cadres than officers of [communist] military and civilian espionage. All cadres of communist intelligence in these two sectors remained without changes, and their officers not only retained their jobs, but in many cases were promoted!


If the training of the 9/11 terrorists [pilots and group leaders] was conducted by Prague, we know that the Czech Airlines, where all communists and officers of the communist espionage remained in their posts, wouldn't have any major problems lending the necessary assistance.


Q: When the communist countries trained the Islamic terrorists, was it understood that after such training these terrorists would operate independently and wouldn't be under control of the communist secret services? Is such situation even possible?


Cibulka: I'm convinced that when the communist parties and governments set up terrorist training camps on communist-controlled territory for training Islamic terrorists, they weren't being philanthropic. Communists always train terrorists to further their own communist goals.


It is impossible that the communists would allow terrorists trained in their camps absolute freedom and independence in conducting operations against the West. Given the fact that the terrorists are supplied weapons, explosives, money and other support from communist sources it is doubtful they are free to operate contrary to their supplier's wishes.


The entire communist strategy against the West was always carefully coordinated by Moscow which not only directed her own state terrorist organizations, like the KGB and GRU, but also directed similar organizations in all communist countries as well as terrorist networks operating all over the World. 


Q: Is this situation the same even today?


Cibulka: I am certain that Moscow has never lost the old connections to world terrorism and never lost her control over terrorism.


Q: With regard to last year's Ukrainian election crisis. What is your opinion about information that Viktor Yushchenko, the new Ukrainian  president, allegedly served in 1975 as  KGB officer near the Soviet-Turkish border?


Cibulka: Within the leadership of the Soviet [Russian] secret services there are different ideas about how to neutralize and take over the West.


The Army and the majority of GRU officials are pushing for a large-scale armed confrontation, to be led by Russia. But this confrontation would begin through "other hands," namely the subordinate Islamist terror networks who are supplied with Russian nuclear weapons. A different plan is advocated by some leaders within the FSB [KGB] who prefer the gradual infiltration and subversion of critical Western economic and political structures.


In the case of Ukraine the second concept (of the KGB leadership) was successful. If Ukraine and Belarus join the European Union in the next 10 years, it will make the GRU strategy less attractive to Moscow's decision-makers. At the same time, the danger of a communist-led "convergence" strategy in Europe would be magnified. Everything would then depend on the West's inner strength, on whether Western countries would oppose gradual Sovietization of Western Europe.


Ideally, this strategy could get away from Moscow. Genuine democracy might develop in Eastern Europe if Russia was barred from manipulating the process. Unfortunately, developments within the new EU member states [Poland, Czech Republic, etc.] show that genuine freedom has not taken hold. On the contrary, the West is gradually and systematically losing the battle.


Q: The new Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, according to official reports, used to work, as the closest deputy to then first post-Soviet prime minister, Pavel Lazarenko. Lazarenko, after his departure, became very active in the United States, where he was later arrested, tried and convicted in a San Francisco court for major money laundering offenses. Tymoshenko is today also presented to the West as "pro-western" politician, who is disliked by Moscow. What is your view of Tymoshenko?


Cibulka: Yulia Tymoshenko is always presented in the media as one of the most important leaders of Ukraine's "Orange Revolution." Her wealth is counted in the billions of dollars, and was acquired during the 1990-91 period when Tymoshenko worked as the right hand of Pavel Lazarenko. Since this time she has been dubbed the "oil princess." After Lazarenko's fall Tymoshenko was investigated several times. There was a warrant issued for her arrest. She was even jailed for criminal offenses and blamed for costing taxpayers a lot of money.


During her early political career, Tymoshenko did not take a pro-Western position. Today she is presented as pro-Western, perhaps because she could face many years behind bars in Russia and Ukraine. Other corrupt politicians did not survive, but she is a special case.


If Moscow is trying to weaken Europe by bringing big and impoverished post-communist countries into the EU, and tip the scales of the European Parliament in Russia's favor through East European agents of influence, then Tymoshenko's politics certainly corresponds to such a strategy.


It all boils down to whether the West will extend its influence in Russia, or the Kremlin will Sovietize Europe. It is important to note, that the vast majority of today's called "pro-western" Yulia Tymoshenko government, were members of previous anti-Western Ukrainian governments.


Also it is important to bear in mind that all these people are communists and or cadres of the Soviet communist secret services.


The character of the anti-Western Ukrainian cabinets of the last 15 years is best shown by the central role of the last chief of the Soviet KGB in Ukraine [during the openly communist era] Yevheniy Marchuk, who was Ukraine's Defense Minister in the 1990s and also the chairman of the Ukraine Defense Council.


If Tymoshenko's government was truly pro-western, she wouldn't and couldn't surround herself with communists and KGB/GRU cadres, that are today vastly present inside her cabinet.


Q: Since Lazarenko, as a former Ukrainian prime minister, was later involved in Russian money laundering operations in the United States, is it possible to speculate about a connection between Russian Organized Crime and Russia's intelligence services?


Cibulka: As Ukrainian premier Pavel Lazarenko directed Ukraine's secret services. It is therefore unimaginable that he wasn't working with these services during his criminal operations in the United States.


When we talk about Russian Organized Crime, we need to start using much more accurate term: Russian State Organized Crime.


During the Bank of New York money laundering scandal [10-15 billions of dollars] the presence of the Russian Organized Crime was safely proven. The Bank of New York employees, who collaborated in this operation, were all people of Russian origin.


There were without any doubt tens or hundreds of such operations, and some were conducted under the cover of high level American politicians, like Al Gore, Jr. and others.


In light of these circumstances it should come as no surprise that the results of the investigation of Russian Organized Crime operations in America haven't been published.


Q: When U.S. financial help to "suffering Russia" was set up by the Clinton Administration through U.S. Vice President Al Gore (whose family was financially supported by KGB agent Armand Hammer), wasn't the money used to finance further subversive operations against the West?


Cibulka: Because the U.S. Government hasn't done anything to maintain control over the American taxpayers' money, when this money was transferred in astronomical amounts to Primakov's Russia, we can summarize that the Clinton Administration couldn't have done a better job of supporting state organized crime in Russia (and its criminal operations against the United States). When information about this money laundering scandal was published, the Clinton Administration did not properly investigate or fully explain this scandal. We in Europe, to this day, don't know the full results of the investigation. It is very important to realize that the term "Russian Mafia" was founded for the sole purpose of masking the reality of Russia's state-directed organized crime.


The vast majority of the leading cadres of these criminal groups come from the ranks of the Soviet Secret Services.

The Russian government is always explaining that these are "former officers" of the Soviet dictatorship, but Yevgeniy Primakov admitted several times in the past that the term "former agent" doesn't exist. Once you have served in the armed forces of the communist dictatorship, you can never leave as a matter of choice.



Q: But America thinks that communism was defeated, and therefore tolerates the KGB careerist, Vladimir Putin, as Russia's president. It is practically impossible to convince Americans that communism hasn't disappeared from Eastern Europe and Russia. How do you look at it as time goes by?


Cibulka: Communism was temporarily removed from the visible spheres of East European society, so the results have turned out we know today. The communist leaders and the communist elites have merely changed their image. Previously, they were unable to enter the highest levels of Western Society. In their own countries they privatized all national wealth, and today, as "capitalists," they control the same high level positions of power as before. Nothing has changed for them. The rulers remained rulers and they treat their subjects just as they did during the communist dictatorship.


The West has allowed these communist criminals to enter the highest levels of Western Society merely because they changed their label to Democrats. Given this situation, the West shouldn't be surprised when its own society, under the  influence of Moscow's criminal structures, is turning quickly into a crime and decay-bound society.


Who is able to be friends with the good as well as the evil? Such can only be done through the loss of the good. If the West does not understand the danger, and continues to evolve under pressure from these foreign criminal networks, the West will continue on its path of decline and things will change for the worst. 

Part two will appear next Sunday night. -- JRN


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