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7 September 2003 



Things fall apart, the center cannot hold

Let no man deceive you with vain words

August Interview with Petr Cibulka

Questions posed by Jan Malina
Translation by Jan Malina

Biographical background

Petr Cibulka was born in 1950 in the city of Brno, in the province of Moravia. As a five-time political prisoner, Mr. Cibulka did hard time in the toughest communist prison camp in Czechoslovakia. He was repeatedly jailed between 1979 and 1989 and conducted a 31-day hunger strike in 1979. 

In 1991 Mr. Cibulka began publishing his paper, Uncensored News, opposing the "official" informational blockade organized by the communists through their "soft" control of the mass media. In 1992 Mr. Cibulka acquired and published data from secret police files, including the names of over 200,000 communist spies and collaborators. Subsequently he became a target of aggressive attacks from "former" communist officials.



Do you think that America really won in Iraq ?
America will win in Iraq only if she succeeds in installing a republican form of government similar to that of the American Founding Fathers. This will change Iraq into one of the freest and therefore one of the most prosperous countries on this planet. If the United States, on the other hand, helps to install the type of false democracy that exists in post-communist Europe, then America will have lost the war and missed her lifetime opportunity to change, in her favor, the balance of power between free societies on the one hand and the manipulated so-called "democratic" societies on the other hand.
Let us analyze today's situation in Iraq. The country is divided, as the post-WW2 Germany, into 3 sectors (American, British and Polish); so the American influence, and the possibility of establishing an American-type constitution for Iraq is fundamentally limited because Iraq is divided and the "communists" (represented by Poland) have a piece of the pie. Do you agree with this analysis? 
Yes. I can't imagine that the type of republic established by the American Founding Fathers would be implemented in Iraq by the post-communist Polish military who think freedom is a kind of fairy tale. One should also consider that the UK is led by the leftist, Tony Blair, who calls Russia's KGB colonel president, Vladimir Putin, "my friend Vladimir." Such a person is not well suited to teach freedom in Iraq.
What's the situation in Czech Republic today after numerous scandals  involving former Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs and now the chairman of the UN General Assembly, Jan Kavan
(an alleged communist STB agent code name "Kato" with STB file number 11777 / 307 from 01-22-1969 and also STB file # 12402 / 332 from 05-31-1975 -- as related in the book  Jan "Kato" Kavan - story of the real man, by Premysl Vachalovsky and John Bok, J.W. Hill Publishing, Olomouc - Czech Republic 2000 - HM) and also how do you see the "official" STB files now released and published by the Czech Government? What can you tell us about that?
These files were published with 13 years of delay and these "official" files have only a third of the names we published. I've written an extensive analysis of the government's release of the "complete" files in which I demonstrated that it is the biggest fraud committed on the Czech people since the false and supposedly anti-communist revolution with its equally false privatization of the people's state assets in 1989, which entirely fell into the hands of the communists. The Czech Government just recently released files again, after about four months, with an additional 9000 names. So after four months "all of a sudden" they found another 9000 communist criminals from the STB secret communist police.

But experts, like historian Radek Schovanek, are arguing that an additional 20,000 names will still be missing in these government-issued STB files. And we are not even talking about the Czechoslovak communist military intelligence services that were not included in the law that forced the government to publish these files in the first place. The communist military intelligence services were a major weapon of communism against the Free World and mainly against the United States as the #1 enemy of communism to this day. These communist military intelligence structures are still kept hidden by the government. Czechoslovak military espionage was directly connected to Russian GRU military espionage and I'm convinced that the Zs [Czech military intelligence] is still working for the GRU to this day.

Regarding the case of Jan Kavan [recently elected president of the UN General Assembly], this man is of great interest to all anti-communists since 1990. Since 1991 we know about his proven co-operation with the communist secret police, the STB. Despite these revelations, there are still powers in the Czech Republic and also outside the country that keep Jan Kavan in every post of power and influence that is possible for him to achieve. The high point of his political career is his chairmanship of the UN General Assembly at the time when a copy of his STB file is a literary bestseller on the Czech market since 2000. [It is widely asserted in the Czech Republic that the BIS-STB police went out to buy as many copies of the Jan "Kato" Kavan book as possible so the Czech people wouldn't have a chance to read it. - HM note].

It's unbelievable that after the publishing of Jan Kavan's STB file in the Czech Republic, effectively proving his co-operation and the extent of his co-operation with the communist secret police, that there's no power in the UN that would stop Jan Kavan's becoming the president of the UN General Assembly; and it is a shame that nobody has expressed interest in translating his police file to publish it outside the Czech Republic. 

I also don't understand why the United States is not playing a more active role to stop infiltration of the world's leading institutions by communist agents. 

[HM note: This is to give readers some idea of the details of Kavan's past. In 1976 Kavan got arrested in Belgium for drug smuggling. He also admitted to have connections in England with Mr. Zajicek, code name "Zachystal," from the First Department of the STB -- foreign espionage -- born 08-29-1932. Kavan's mother, Jean Edwards-Kavan, co-operated with the Second department of the Czechoslovak Ministry of Interior specializing on Great Britain between 1959-1967. It is therefore hardly surprising that 18-year-old Jan Kavan became a member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party despite the fact that his father was arrested, convicted and sentenced to 25 years in prison during the reign of the Stalinist, Klement Gottwald.]

What was Jan Kavan's opinion about the War in Iraq? Was he on the U.S. side or in opposition to the war?
Jan Kavan has always opposed the United States. During the 80's he was supporting Soviet propaganda against the West's military preparedness and build up. Jan Kavan was very active back then in the so-called "Peace movement" which was in reality Moscow's puppet. Many documents have been published by our Uncensored News [Cibulka's publication] that prove this. After the "collapse" of communism in 1989 Jan Kavan has been against any true cleansing of communism from Czech society. He has been against the publishing of any contents of the communist archives (STB files), including archives of the Army and the Communist Party apparatus as well. Kavan always supported the legal continuity law with the communist regime, which means that none of the communist criminals could ever be justly tried and punished for their crimes against the Czech people.

This [legal continuity law] was accomplished thanks to Kavan, Havel [former president of Czech Republic], Zeman [former Czech PM], Dienstbier [former Minister of Foreign Affairs], Klaus [former PM and now the President of Czech Republic] and others. Also, Kavan didn't support the U.S.-led war against Saddam Hussein's oppressive regime and wherever possible Kavan is publicly criticizing the United States. It is incomprehensible to me that the United States is unable to use the thousands of pages of compromising data on Kavan to prevent the infiltration and subversion of international institutions. 

We found interesting information on the Internet about Jan Kavan's father who, as a member of the Czechoslovak Communist Party, was a highly placed diplomat in the exiled Czechoslovak Government of president Edward Benes (pronounced Be-nesh) during the Second World War (stationed in London, England). We also found Pavel Kavan's connection to names like Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Masaryk and also Joseph Korbel who was the father of former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, and mentor to National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice. Could you explain to us what you make of this, when children of high diplomats (connected to Communist intrigues) are also in the highest political posts of various governments?
I'm personally convinced that the pre-World War Two Czechoslovakia, even though the country was one of the freest nations in the world, was strongly left-oriented. Even back then there was a strong pressure to begin co-operation between democratic Czechoslovakia and Stalin's Soviet Union. Stalin was supposed to represent a sort of counter-balance or alternative to Czechoslovakia's co-operation with the West. Whoever analyzed the politics of the Comintern (The International Communist organization founded by Moscow) would notice that the Comintern always recruits and installs its cadres into the highest positions of political power and influence in various governments. Therefore it is not surprising that the exile Czechoslovak Government of president Edward Benes was in fact very strongly infiltrated by communists and by the secret cadres of the Comintern, that among the people in charge of the Czechoslovak exile government's foreign policies were people like Jan Masaryk, Josef Korbel and Pavel Kavan. Kavan and Korbel are the fathers of the two more recent Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Jan Kavan and Madeleine Albright. I'm convinced that this is not a coincidence that this group of Josef Korbel, Jan Masaryk and Pavel Kavan used to prepare the foreign policy of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile during the World War Two. 

In very strong opposition to Winston Churchill in 1943, President Benes and other representatives of the Czechoslovak exile government went to Moscow and signed an agreement of "co-operation and friendship" for 20 years with Stalin and totally under Stalin's terms! I think that people like Korbel and Kavan should've been brought to answer for this and I'm also not surprised at all that this connection with the Comintern has significance for their children who are still strongly left-oriented. I'm convinced that they are the Comintern cadres of our day. 

During our research we found that Madeleine Albright, daughter of Josef Korbel, used to be a senior fellow in Soviet and Eastern European Affairs at the Center for Strategic and International Studies conducting research in developments and trends in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. This think tank is connected to the U.S. Government. We also found that Madeleine Albright's cousin, Ms. Dagmar Deimlova-Simova, worked for the Czechoslovak communist press agency CTK. This is obviously a sensitive position in the communist system. Can you explain why the communists trusted and tolerated Deimlova-Simova when a member of her family worked for anti-communist think tanks in a leading capitalist country? 
An essential part of this saga involves the claim that Josef Korbel allegedly stole property that belonged to the family of a German industrialist named Carl Nebrich. [HM note: The Nebrich family didn't want anything to do with the Nazis. Consequently, the Nazis confiscated Nebrich's mansion in Prague, but not the property inside the mansion, which was later allegedly "taken" by Josef Korbel and brought by him to the United States. See also and and about the lawsuit read]

After the Nebrich family asked for the return of their property, the Nebrich claim was rejected. It seems that Madeleine Albright never intended to return the alleged stolen property. I am certain that even if Korbel could not be blackmailed before World War Two by the communists, a story like this would have caught the attention of the KGB and GRU after the war. They would then have very substantial compromising data on Korbel that could cost him many years in prison. In this position the communists had the upper hand on Korbel and could've done to him and with him whatever they wanted. Therefore it is not at all surprising that Korbel's daughter, Madeleine Albright, had such a prominent political career in American policy think tanks, like the Soviet section of the American Institute for Strategic studies. And it should surprise no one that she later became U.S. Secretary of State.

Regarding that absolutely essential fact about Madeleine Albright's cousin, Ms. Dagmar Simova-Deimlova, who possibly worked directly for the foreign section of the Czechoslovak communist press agency CTK, and because she used to live with the Korbels in London during World War Two and learned English very well, there's simply no case of a returned immigrant during the entire 42 years of communist dictatorship in Czechoslovakia that would be able to hold such a prominent position in the foreign section of the communist propaganda press agency. The only exception would be made for communist agents. They have the door always open to all high places of political influence and power.

Because Madeleine Albright's cousin, Ms. Simova-Deimlova, worked for the CTK without any problems and also at the same time as Madeleine Albright was rising in her political career in the United States higher and higher, this scenario is totally impossible under normal circumstances. Therefore this fact is compromising and incriminating for Madeleine Albright and her father Josef Korbel, alias Josef Koerbl, and suggests that they were possibly sent out to foreign countries, namely the United States, as communist agents. I cannot imagine any other possible explanation of this.

According to my sources, Josef Korbel was also mentor to the present National Security advisor of President Bush, Condoleezza Rice. Korbel persuaded Rice to go into political science instead of studying music at the University of Denver. In view of this, it is alarming that Condoleezza Rice is against any punishment of Russia even though Russia is playing an important role in supporting global terrorism with weapons and intelligence. It is also alarming since Russia strongly opposed the war in Iraq and secretly supplied Iraq with weapons and assistance. How do you explain Condoleezza Rice's position and the impact of  her "wrong advice" to the president?

Because I suspect that Josef Korbel worked for Moscow during World War Two, we should analyze every action of Condoleezza's Rice much more thoroughly. I think that Condoleezza Rice either doesn't understand or doesn't want to understand communist strategy. For this and other reasons she should not be allowed to serve as the national security advisor to President Bush. Moscow in fact cannot ask for a "better" advisor to the president. I'm very deeply convinced, after studying Soviet and Russian politics for over 30 years, that Condoleezza Rice's analyses are totally wrong and they in fact constitute a great danger to American national security. I don't want to speculate about the true reason why she's wrong, or if she's doing it on purpose, but she obviously doesn't understand the everlasting unchanged communist strategy of conquering the world. 

There are those who have speculated, even asserted, that Bill Clinton is a communist agent recruited by the Czech secret services in January 1970. Could this explain why Clinton and his wife acquired and kept, for a considerable period of time, the FBI files on Republican politicians in the U.S. Congress, and could this be considered as an important intelligence operation in favor of communism?
To have compromising data about key politicians is the easiest way to dominate a country. Nobody will ever take notice. We know that Russia is organizing, directing and running a worldwide front against America. As usual, Russia keeps her hands hidden in this anti-American quest so she might receive more American financial help and pretend that she is still America's "strategic partner." Russia, in order to follow her strategy of deception and subversion, has many influential cadres, so-called "agents of influence" inside America's decision and policy-making centers; inside the media, academia, leftwing think tanks and various left-liberal organizations. Collecting intelligence information and compromising data on various politicians and prospective politicians is one of the most important elements of the communist strategy directed against the Free World. Compromised politicians are easily blackmailed and recruited by the communist intelligence services. 
Supposing Bill Clinton is an agent of the communists. What do we make of the fact that Bill Clinton refused the extradition of Osama bin Laden from Sudan in the 90s? Can we, in light of this fact, speculate that Osama bin Laden is directed by Moscow to attack the United States?

I'm personally convinced that Clinton is a communist agent as well as his vice-president, Al Gore, and therefore in that case to let Osama bin Laden go free would correspond with the communist interest in using bin Laden's "services" in the future. In mid-1992 Senator Alfonso D'Amato (R-NY) went to Prague to investigate Bill Clinton's "tourist visit" to Czechoslovakia after Clinton left  the Soviet Union in January 1970. D'Amato's investigation did not produce any positive results because the Czechoslovak Government has had no intention of producing any such information about Clinton. And Moscow wouldn't be too happy about that.

The highest priority of your conservative pro-American political party, Right Bloc, is to bring real freedom to the Czech Republic. How can this be accomplished?
American freedom is the best solution for the political system in Czechoslovakia. I am trying to explain to people here that without the individual's freedom there is no prosperity in the country. Unfortunately, Czech society is not prepared to fight for its freedom because of the very thorough and systematic communist preparedness for the false collapse of communism. After World War Two, before the communist coup in 1948, there was already no freedom left in Czechoslovakia but the same kind of false democracy as we have now. A communist dictatorship under the false blanket of democracy was made to order for the takeover in 1948, and we experienced the same in 1968
when the [ruling] communist party wanted to somewhat relax this oppressive system and the Czechoslovak people already thought that they were free. Today we are subjected to a similar situation when the relaxation of the communist regime came without the people's participation or control. It was a privatization coup organized by the reform wing of the KGB. It succeeded and made the communists and their agents into lawful owners of the state wealth once again and [it made them] the rulers of this country, the Czech Republic.

So today the Czech people feel beaten and cheated again. Even though our political party, Right Bloc, is informing people all the time, we prepare new proposals how to resolve the situation and how to stand up [against neo-communism], yet the society is so totally crippled and paralyzed by 42 years of communism that these 14 years of post-communism have led us to focus on the satisfaction of material needs. In this situation spiritual needs are simply forgotten and of no interest to anybody. When the people have a chance to choose between serving "democratism" or fighting against it and for their freedom, they almost without exception decide to work for communist democratism, that is to work for the communists and their secret police. 

Are you experiencing any obstacles from the Czech government since you are promoting the American form of republicanism?
We come up against stiff opposition and censorship from the government. In our country there's absolutely no possibility to publicly talk about American freedom and no possibility of implementing it as the will of the Czech people. American radio stations broadcasting in the Czech language, like the Voice of America or Radio Free Europe, that are being paid for by U.S. taxpayers, never talk about these rights and freedoms in America at all. I used to listen to Voice of America for years but never heard anything about the rights of the American people, their freedoms and possibilities. 
 I've been interviewed by two Czech newspapers and by Czech National Radio and even though the journalists were interested in what I had to say about American democracy these interviews were published only with heavy censorship. Can you comment on our experience with the newspaper Liberec Daily in the city of Liberec? [Jan Malina was interviewed during a recent trip to the Czech Republic.]
After you did the interview for the Czech Radio it never aired. Your interview for the Liberec Daily, though in fact "edited" by a very courageous interviewer, Ms. Zuzana Minstrova, a small portion [about American democracy] was published. She was immediately and very harshly persecuted for that. She was faced with termination, had to pay a fine because she took the liberty of writing about the American republic and American freedoms. She was faced with a transfer to a smaller town with a substantially smaller number of readers and smaller salary. Her boss has forbidden her from writing for the politics section after this interview. This demonstrates how the alleged American ally, the Czech Republic, values American freedom.
It could be said then that the Czech Republic and all the other post-communist countries led by Russia, along with China, are only playing at friendship towards the Unites States; but in reality the communist structures, ruling from the shadows, hate the United States and freedom.
Yes. The hatred towards America and her freedoms is so strong that any political party in the Czech Republic that's fighting for these freedoms becomes a target of raging attacks in the media. Also, the secret police are destroying pro-American parties systematically with agents and infiltrators. The best proof of this anti-American atmosphere in Europe is the Czech media in recent years. You're not going to find anything positive about the U.S.A. in our media. When Saddam Hussein's regime was overthrown by the U.S. the Czech media went berserk. To this day you have no chance to find out from the Czech media about any U.S. success in Iraq, only about the problems, for example how the U.S. soldiers steal and loot, how they destroy Iraq's cultural treasures and so on. Radio Free Europe and Voice of America never informed us about American freedom and it is unbelievable that the American administration didn't keep its control over such important radio stations.
Just recently in Czech newspapers there was an article about the Czech Republic's 10 richest people and their connections to the Czechoslovak Communist Party and its secret police, STB. Can you tell us something more about this?
This is only a confirmation of what we've been publishing in our Uncensored News for the last 13 years. These so-called "anti-communist revolutions" in the whole communist part of Europe at the end of the 1980s were not at all anti-communist but privatization coups organized by Moscow. I'm very glad that finally after 13 years it is possible to prove even in the official media what we've been saying about this communist fraud over and over.

As the only people with money, they "bought" all the TV stations, all newspapers, magazines, all radio stations, everything is under their control and therefore for the same reason there's no possibility to publish any true information that would threaten their positions and for the same reason there's no possibility to publish anything about American freedom and democracy. These communist structures connected to Moscow would of course feel threatened by any true information about America and her  free system of government.

It is very significant that the books of Anatoliy Golitsyn, Joseph D. Douglass Jr., Jeff Nyquist, Bill Gertz, General Jan Sejna and others were never published in the Czech Republic. 
Yes, that's true. To this day not even one of these books was published. When I was trying to find a publisher in the Czech Republic nobody was interested and I have such limited financial resources that I can't do it myself as I would like to publish these books very much.
In his interview for Czech newspaper Lidove Noviny on August 23rd 2003, the chairman of the Czech Republic Senate Petr Pithart said that the so-called "Velvet revolution" in 1989 in fact was not a revolution. He said, in general terms, that the old communist structures gave the power to the people that rule the country today. Is this scenario even possible?

This is totally out of question. There's no country in the "former" Soviet bloc in which the communists would "give away" their power to the "anti-communist opposition" without a genuine fight. The communists founded several parties, they named them with various names and in fact they have been ruling this country all along. 

During the openly communist era the communist regime used various methods of political criminal oppression but today this oppression cannot be openly political because the communist fraud would've been exposed. How do they control people today?
Everybody that dares to stand up against this post-communist regime is being destroyed by the same methods as before the pseudo-democratic coup in 1989. They use methods to criminalize these individuals or methods of "prescribed psychiatric care," or the state power sends the state financial auditor to any opposing organization or individual and this "audit" usually "takes care of the problem" for the communists in power. People that cause the most troubles for the communists, their businesses are infiltrated by communist agents that in fact help to destroy them from within and bring them to bankruptcy. These are old and also new communist methods and any individual or even small group
of anti-communist opposition cannot possibly withstand these methods of state-sponsored sabotage.

At the time when I filed a lawsuit against the Czech BIS secret police officers that organized and directed these operations against me and my business (Uncensored News) the state attorney's office very efficiently covered up everything. The same way, for over 13 years, this country's ruling class of communists successfully covers up all crimes of communism and also systematically covers for all the communist criminals involved in these crimes.

I've noticed something about your bank ATM card. This card has the same type of chip the U.S. Military uses on its military ID cards. This chip can be tracked by a GPS system so any soldier that finds himself lost or captured could be found by the satellite. This is a very big surprise to me that these chips are being used on the regular ATM bank cards of Czech citizens. Is this also part of the system of control by the communist structures in power? 
These bank cards are very common and are being used by thousands of people in the Czech Republic. What possibilities there are of satellite use of these chips to control particular people I'm not able to comment on; but if it is the same as with U.S. military [personnel] it would be possible to control and to keep surveillance on owners of these cards in the Czech Republic. According to my sources, individuals can be tracked by their cell phones and because three-fourths of the Czech population owns and uses cell phones, three quarters of the Czech public are being controlled and monitored by the secret police BIS-STB. The secret services have at their disposal very sophisticated monitoring equipment, devices and facilities that cost millions of dollars so they can, without any problems, keep an eye on anybody they're interested in. 
I've heard that many Czech newspapers have been sold to people from Germany. Can you tell us about this?
The Czech Republic is maybe the only country in the world that doesn't have its own press. Practically everything that's published in the Czech Republic is in hands of two German companies and one Swiss company. I am told by well-informed people that the company in Switzerland is a Russian/KGB front company. And the two German companies are not competitors, in fact they only pretend they are, but in reality their owners have their villas on the Spanish Mallorca Island, highly populated by German rich people, and their businesses in Czech Republic are co-coordinated by them together. One firm runs the Czech national newspapers and the other runs the regional ones. This is the same scenario as if the American press were owned by two companies from Moscow, one on the national level and the other one on the local level.

I think this would be something unthinkable for America and she would defend herself against it for sure. Unfortunately the Czech Republic didn't do squat to protect her national interests. On the contrary, the Czech Republic opened the way for German influence in the sphere of influencing public opinion. This effort to corner the information and ideas market has gone so far that the biggest publishers of the periodical press bought out former communist propaganda information monopoly distributor PNS and bought also some small companies that were attempting to get at the truth of the 1989 revolution. The last company that they were not able to buy out was Mediaprint-Kappa, which is also in mostly German hands; so they decided to destroy this company using gangster methods.

It's interesting that the leadership of this "former" communist distribution monopoly [despite ostensible German ownership] are again found to be communists and agents of the secret police. This trend is as dangerous as the trend with periodical newspapers, because the owners of the press publishing houses are at the same time also owners of the country's distribution monopoly so they get to decide whom they take into their distribution system. This means that they can once and for all prevent any other independent publisher from entering the Czech market.

Can you tell us something about how the communist structures in the Czech Republic create fictitious political parties run by communist agents and how, after the elections, these parties are "mysteriously" absent from the country's political scene?
During the 42 years of communist rule in Czechoslovakia there used to be the so-called National Front. That means a group of political parties, controlled by the communists, all following the program of the Czechoslovak Communist Party. Under communist leadership these parties pretended that we had political plurality in communist Czechoslovakia. This National Front model stayed even after the false revolution in 1989 when formally every political party can enter the election process and win. But in reality any independent political party has no chance whatsoever to win. This is because these parliamentary parties that were founded after 1989 control practically 99 percent of the media space available for politics and for political parties. So we have on one side four parliamentary parties controlling about 99 percent of the information media space and the remaining 30 non-parliamentary parties have to share one percent. Additionally, most of the non-parliamentary parties are fictitious because the ruling communist regime is "founding" and financing these new parties months before each election and labeling them with popular sounding names so it can disorient the voters. The voters that don't want to vote for any parliamentary party are seeking an alternative party among these mostly fictitious non-parliamentary parties. And this is very confusing.

During the last elections on 6/14/2000 and 6/15/2000 the parliamentary parties received about 45 percent of the vote. As it happens, 27 non-parliamentary parties received 12 percent of the vote. This is not surprising at all. The people's dissatisfaction with the parliamentary parties is huge in the Czech Republic, but they have nobody else to vote for because of the information blockade against non-parliamentary parties.

I personally don't know about any other political party besides the Right Bloc that is advocating the ideas of the American republic and the Swiss Confederation. That's the reason why our party became a target of the hardest attacks by the communist police and their agents. Almost constantly they are initiating plots to destroy the Right Bloc using agents inside the party. If the United States wants to have a reliable base of trustworthy freedom-loving people in Europe, they must help people to stand up against these communist structures because helpless people with their bare hands have the same chance to finally defeat this criminal communist system as before 1989, during the openly communist era.

The United States were a lot more active in supporting anti-communist people and I really don't understand why these true anti-communists have been forgotten so suddenly. Now the U.S.A. is working with the communists that ruled this country before, and are ruling it now, after the false "revolution" of 1989. These communists say they are America's partners. But what kind of partners they are is revealed by the Iraq crisis.

So when somebody from the United States, especially from the U.S. Government, conducts any kind of business with representatives of the Czech Republic, they are dealing with communist agents. The whole game here involves a disinformation scheme. Is this accurate?
Absolutely. The United States is conducting business only with the powerful and the most influential people in the post-communist countries. America doesn't realize that these people are communists or agents of the communist secret police. There is no case of any true former political prisoner of communism having a chance to acquire anything after this false revolution in 1989. The only people that own the country's wealth are the communists and STB agents. If America wants to do business with these communist criminals, unpunished to this day, then America will be robbed, cheated and lied to -- to her own loss and to the loss of the American taxpayers.
I'm interested to know, in regards of the strategy of communism and its struggle to conquer the world (slowly, systematically and patiently), what purpose is served by changes made in article #43 section 5b of the Czech Republic constitution, which used to say that only the Parliament gets to decide if foreign armies can pass through Czech territory. 
I'm afraid that Russia and the rest of the "former" Soviet bloc will soon own all of Europe. Regarding these unbelievable powers to let a foreign army inside the Czech republic, even the Russian army, I'm not surprised at all. Today the socialist Czech government basically decided to liquidate the Czech Army. The Czech Republic's military after this "reduction" will have only 23,000 men, about 30 tanks and no air force! As it happens, the Prague military museum has more tanks than the entire Czech army. The Czechoslovak army used to have, just in 1989-90, about 1,200 modern tanks all ready to attack Western Europe at moment's notice. This disarming trend is the same all over Europe now. Is this all just a coincidence?

In Russia the situation is totally opposite. Vast stores of Russian military equipment and ammunition have not been liquidated but only transferred East of the Urals, according to international agreements. The Ural region is the center of Russia's huge military reserves, including several thousand tanks, modern aircraft and so forth.

How long would it take these forces to reach Western Europe? How long would it take for an avalanche of 100,000 Russian tanks to start rolling over us? Who will stop them and how? Is it really possible to depend on KGB Colonel Putin's "honest word" that he will not mobilize this huge potential? Putin is quoted as saying, "There are three ways to deal with people -- singing, vodka or a death threat!"

What do you think about the murder of the Serbian Prime Minister earlier this year. Could this be part of Moscow's strategy in Europe?
I'm convinced that the Balkans are regarded by the Russians and also by Islamic militant groups as one of the weakest links in the West's defense. American troops in Kosovo are thin on the ground and they have no nuclear weapons or adequate anti-tank defenses. It should be realized that between the borders of Germany and Russia there is a huge power vacuum and I don't see anything that would in fact stop [Russian President] Putin at this point.

Putin and his generals can in fact rely on their prediction that the United States, at the time of the communist D-day, will be preoccupied with North Korea's nuclear threat and also with massive sabotage terrorist operations inside U.S. territory, including the use of nuclear "dirty bombs" and more.

The U.S. will not be able to fight on that many fronts at the same time.

This is a warning to my American friends. America will have to fight against communism in the up-coming war on her own territory! Therefore, Europe will be left to defend itself alone and her fate will be decided very quickly. I'm convinced that the recent murder of the Serbian Prime Minister, who was pro-American unlike his pro-Soviet predecessor -- Milosevic -- falls into this Russian scenario as well.

What about this new and possibly unverifiable information about Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus that alleges his real name is Pruzhinskiy, which happens to be a Russian name?
This rumor has been circulating in the Czech Republic for several years now and Vaclav Klaus has never denied it; so I think this could be true. It is said that the Pruzhinskiys came to Prague in 1937 from the Stalinist Soviet Union. We all know that in 1937 there was no possibility to leave the Soviet Union.
So it is important to verify this information. If it is true, it would mean that Vaclav Klaus's family was sent to the West by Stalin's regime. 

It's known that during the war in Iraq Vaclav Klaus, as the Czech president, elected mainly thanks to the votes of the Communist Party representatives in Parliament, called U.S. Ambassador Craig Stapleton to his office and after a short time the U.S. Ambassador left holding his head in shock at Vaclav Klaus's demands. Klaus arrogantly requested that the United States remove the Czech Republic from the list of allies in the Iraq War.

Readers should know that during an internet discussion on Vaclav Klaus's website (  we posted this analysis of Klaus's position with the title "Vaclav Klaus-Pruzhinskiy." Our posting was deleted almost immediately by the people that control and monitor Czech political sites. Any comments?
I'm a witness to this. We tried to post our analysis twice during a 15-minute period, and it was always deleted immediately. 
Most of the Czech Republic's citizens are honest hard working people. The communist structures have to maintain their ruling status and protect themselves also by monitoring all anti-communist efforts in the Czech Republic. Do you have any thoughts on this?
I'm personally convinced that the government monitors anti-communists. I have information that my personal file, opened by the communist State Security (STB) years ago, is still being updated by the post-communist BIS secret police. My file is handled by the same "former" STB officer who analyzes my activities as he works for the BIS police today.

I think that Moscow, and for that matter the entire communist world, are preparing for a confrontation with the United States because America, to them, is still the number one enemy and because it is the freest country in the world and therefore the biggest threat to the communist cause. The confrontation is very close and there's lot of indicators that this is true. I'm afraid that the U.S.A. will not be prepared to face the threat. The communists and their Communist international organization, the Comintern, are aware of the fact that they haven't had such a favorable chance to defeat the United States for a long time. They count on forcing the United States from its position as the leading superpower. Because of their goals,  it is essential for the post-communist secret services to uncover and monitor all anti-communist opposition.

In advance of a war involving Russia allied with China against the United States, do you think Russia would install their trusted agents into positions of power in Europe as a preparatory step?
I think that this has partially been achieved already. We have an entirely new establishment here, but they are always the same kind of people. There's no conflict of interest between the old and the new Comintern structures except we don't know anything about this next generation of people who are about 30 years old, but they are members of the same group, they follow the same orders and the same strategy. The problem is that these people are less identifiable because we don't know anything about their past, who their parents are or where they come from and how they ended up on the political scene in the first place. These are the hidden secrets of the ruling establishment.

While you in the United States know everything about your politicians as far back as grandparents, we don't even know who the parents of certain ministers or representatives are. All this is secret information.

And because the entire press is in hands of secretive structures, there's practically no chance to acquire such information and publish it to warn people. The same scenario applies to the richest people in the Czech Republic because finding out about their background becomes almost impossible and their biographies are almost a state secret.

These rich Czech citizens are connected to Russia and to Russian companies, so I think that these are front people being used to control post-communist countries. If the Russians were in charge of these countries directly and openly it that would bring too much undesirable attention. 

Are Czech citizens aware of the possible return of an open communist dictatorship?
People are totally apathetic. They've given up. They feel defeated and powerless. Even when they recognize a threat they have absolutely no chance to do anything against it or defend themselves.
The Czech government is debating whether to create a professional army. Can you explain this from the point of view of communist strategy?
The Czech government has openly considered the possibility of recruiting Russian and Ukraine citizens to staff the armed forces. They would receive Czech citizenship in return for their military service in the Czech Army. Russia doesn't have to be afraid of such an "army."
Russia has been working on mind-control drugs for many decades, as described by researcher Joseph D. Douglass, Jr., and Russia has very sophisticated means for influencing and manipulating people. Do you think the Russians have had a major impact on Europe and on the Islamic world?
Europe is no longer pro-American. Russia is becoming more acceptable. Russia can also gain Europe's confidence by taking over the superpower role in Europe, and there's a number of countries that are falling for this idea. When the Russians talk with France they'll show the same interests as the French.
When the Russians talk to the Germans they'll promise Germany many things. It is very difficult to resist these kinds of manipulations. Russian president Vladimir Putin is a colonel of the KGB and he was trained in manipulation and deception. Putin will promise everybody everything in order to win these people against America. The plan of communism is to destroy the U.S.A. no matter what, even at the cost of self-destruction.

The communists are selling America drugs, pornography, prostitution etc. Thousands of Russian prostitutes have been shipped to America already. Everything that will undermine the American spirit is welcomed by the communists. These are old Chinese tricks [borrowed from the writings Sun Tzu]. They work to destroy their enemy from within. Their aim is to destroy the enemy's values, ideals and symbols. After the enemy is weakened he can be defeated much more easily, perhaps without heavy fighting. It's not going to take long before this action will be executed by the communists and I think that the stage is set.

The world communist movement, in fact, dominates organized crime. According to some analysts, one fifth of the world's money is owned by criminal groups under Moscow's control. This includes the drug and narcotics market, gun running and also prostitution and more. I think America will have many reasons to blame herself for underestimating the threat of communism and for abandoning those that are fighting communism around the globe. I think that in the end America will have to pay a very high price for its negligence and, unfortunately, this will not be long in coming. America will ultimately survive, but the fight will entail many casualties. 

The movie "The Fourth Protocol" (1987) describes a secret smuggling of a Russian nuclear bomb into Britain. The Russian agent and his bosses in Moscow want to explode this bomb near a U.S. military base so the United States will be forced out of Europe when the U.S. is blamed for a nuclear accident. Do you think Russian nuclear weapons have been smuggled into Western countries? And might Arab terrorism be used as a kind of stalking horse, so that the Russians can plant and detonate nuclear weapons while Arab terrorists take the blame?
We have to see the situation through the eyes of the Russian leadership, which means the criminals from the GRU and the KGB. From their point of view the most efficient way to defeat the United States is through the transfer of their nuclear weapons to American cities. America, of course, is not able to face this kind of threat and maybe she doesn't even consider it as a possibility. Of course, the highly trained members of the Soviet special forces -- Spetsnaz -- as described for example by Victor Suvorov, are already inside the United States and they're getting ready for war. Therefore I think that the main fights to defend freedom against Russian communism will occur directly on U.S. territory. For the Soviet leadership believes it is much more advantageous to fight on U.S. soil than on Russian soil and I don't see any reason why they wouldn't do just that. We have to see the entire situation as they see it. We have to see ourselves through the eyes of our enemies. Of course, our enemy sees our weaknesses and he'll use them against us.

World communism led by Russia will try to implement a centralized global communist government. Do you think that Russia and the communists would include a socialist America in this government or they would like to destroy America totally once and for all?

The communists will include America in their plans only on their terms. I believe that Russia and China have enough of their own people in the U.S. and if they offer these people to be part of this devilish project these people will no doubt help. Therefore, America will have to win this fight with communism inside her own society. 

America has some real internal problems with extreme left infiltration of the Democratic Party by Marxist-Leninist elements and if the socialization of America continues she'll of course stop being a worthy opponent of communism. 

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