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13 October 2004 



Hold out baits, entice the enemy

Feign disorder, then destroy him

Bolshevik Inquisition – Part V
Communism's silent victory

By Hana Catalanova


He who holds the ladder is as bad as the thief. 
-- German proverb


The Hucin Case Continues

The fabricated process applied to former BIS Cpt. Vladimír Hucin had its continuation on October 4, 5 and 6, 2004. During these three days, the remaining six counts of charges should have been heard and witnesses examined. State prosecutor Sromova (with a questionably granted security clearance) is now likely to be replaced by state prosecutor Stankova who follows the given line. So far, judge Jelinek performs in a judicial gown (even in spite of numerous written complaints from defense lawyers and the public), although in any other democratic country he would have been forced to remove his black judicial gown a long time ago and make a living by doing something else. It was again decided by this "judge" that the public will be excluded from the trial – allegedly because of classified information which was supposed to be dealt with. However, no "classified information" was heard during this three-day hearing, and this fact is emphasized in a written statement made by Hucin´s defense lawyer Milan Hulik and both confidants, Zdenka Masinova and John Bok (filed in Prerov, 10-06-04). With this statement they also condemn a brutal police attack against currently protesting political prisoners and other members of the public that have been following the Hucin case since the spring of 2001, demanding a transparent public process in compliance with the Constitution of the Czech Republic (CR). The defense lawyer and the aforementioned confidants have, at the same time, requested the resignation of Prime Minister Gross, Interior Minister Bublan and Police Director Kolar from office.

Since the beginning of this case (spring 2001) it is fully obvious that BIS Cpt. V. Hucin was removed from his position intentionally, and that all the trumped-up charges that followed were prepared in order to silence Hucin for a very long time. If state prosecutors and judges put the same effort into criminal cases involving former Communist Party, StB and militia organizations, today we would have put the red past far behind us, and we would live in a healthy society cleared of all the criminals as well as those compromised by the totalitarian regime. In reality, we have these human monsters in important public posts: in the justice ministry, the army, the schools and police; many of them have been, for a long time now, officially cleared to represent the country abroad. The fact is that our republic in 2004 is, in its economy and politics, a controlled and managed regime, controlled and managed by people who, if they are not communists or officers/collaborators of repressive communist structures, are at the very least drawn to the communist underworld for their own personal gain (as they seek to climb onto the political "gravy train").  All this is paid by taxpayers, of course, whose image of the country's development after the "Velvet [Revolutionary] Fraud“ is not in accordance with the real facts.

And this is what Hucin's case is about. It is a case touching all of us, all the decent people. We all should firmly stand behind this brave man who at his own expense never betrayed his views and remains true to the end. He devoted his life to the fight against communism – for liberty and democracy. Hucin's case is therefore about Czech society and its development after 1989; it is about frauds and the betrayal of us all. Notably, these frauds and this betrayal ought to concern America and the West. Communist infiltration reaches far beyond the Czech borders, and spreads like a plague from all satellites of the former USSR. It endangers our NATO allies and the whole democratic world. Cooperation of the Czechoslovak communists and their [supposedly defunct] secret services with the "Axis of Evil" countries did not end in 1989! V. Hucin discovered the truth behind all of this. In various BIS intelligence operations he unveiled the activities of extreme leftist groups and the Communist Party. He discovered links to the "former" KGB, Iraq, Lybia and other representatives of known terrorist states. 

Vladimir Hucin, with honor, with vigor, and belief, carried out all tasks given to him by his superiors. Due to his honesty he became "undesirable." He disturbed the tranquility of those in power. Therefore, he had to be put out of the way. The means applied to achieve that brutal apprehension, that raid by special forces at his home, and the way V. Hucin is still humiliated, shadowed and interrogated (unlawful length of custody, placed for observation in a psychiatric ward, etc.) correspond to the pattern of the 1950s in the days of totalitarian "normalization."

On the third day of this month's scandalous process (10-06-04), the situation at the Prerov courthouse came to a head by way of police intervention, which is unparalleled in CR after 1989. Police knocked to the ground and dragged out of the courthouse people demanding a public trial which is guaranteed by the Czech Constitution. It came to injuries, and physically disabled F. Ciganek (80 years old), who collapsed and ended up in the intensive care unit of Prerov hospital. He was one of those pushed to the ground by police and dragged onto a footpath outside of the courthouse, his clothes ripped off his body during this ordeal. The whole police operation was recorded on a movie camera by Martin Vadas, a film producer.

The Hucin case has reached a point at which all the silence, ignorance and "ostrich-like games" of Czech politicians must stop. We demand a transparent process, and in the event the accused is proved not guilty, we demand his full reinstatement to his former position as captain at the BIS, followed by a promotion and compensation for bitter years of persecution.

With this we also ask independent observers and media from abroad to get acquainted with the whole Hucin case, and to draw conclusions from the facts. "Political correctness" does not apply or serve when fighting terrorism and extremism, as we, who honor freedom and democracy, have already come to know. The world has changed for all of us since September 2001, and it will never be the same again. The origin of evil, terrorism and extremism spreads to all parts of the world. It has a name. It is called communism! History and present times are a convincing proof of this.


Addendum from Slovakia, by Frantisek Bednar

Dear friends,

What the Czech state presently carries out in its political prosecution against Vladimír Hucin is a communist-fascist bestiality. In every state and under every regime, plenty of moral cripples and mercenaries can be found who would beat up women and old men for a morsel or a perk. It is alarming that we are talking about a democracy in the European Union, in the "civilized" world as such. And a democratic country cannot and must not allow a misuse of power. It is particularly alarming and sad that repression is being used against former political prisoners and communist adversaries.

There is no doubt about the ongoing existence of communist laws after the upheaval of 1989. Let us ask ourselves a question: How is it possible that something like this can still take place in the 21st century, 15 years after the dissolution of the communist secret police? I'll try to give an answer myself.

Let´s ask ourselves a question: How is it possible that something like this can still take place in 21st century and 15 years after the dissolvement of StB? I´ll try to give an answer myself.

The West and its representatives accept former communists as business partners. Furthermore, the term "anti-communism" is now regarded as a right-extremism. Would anything like this be possible in connection with anti-fascism? It would not. 

It seems that the anticommunists totally lost, and Western democracy has been defeated. Everything now boils down to naked profit-seeking. 

That is why in Hucin's case the EU is silent and so is America!

God Save Us!

Frantisek Bednar
World Association of Former Czechoslovak Political Prisoners
Poprad, Slovakia


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