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Letter to Bush
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The following letter was written by Jan Malina to President George W. Bush.  It is an attempt to explain the real state of affairs in a "former" communist bloc country. -- JRN 

Dear Mr. President!

As a taxpayer and a U.S. citizen born in the former communist Czechoslovakia, my family and I were persecuted by the communist regime. Now as it comes to my attention I discovered that the president of the Czech Republic is getting an award by the American Bar Association in Chicago for his alleged "significant steps to implement democratic reforms."

I could not disagree more.

Recently I learned about a court case involving Mr. Vladimir Hucin, a former political prisoner at the time of the communist dictatorship and a very good policeman and special agent in cases involving leftist extremism. Currently he is being held without bail for at least 6 months for charges clearly constructed against him by the Czech Government -- the same government that did not punish according to law and the Constitution any members of the Communist Party and in fact is protecting them from a fair and true trial by the people.

All of this has happened under the "blind eye" of President Vaclav Havel, Foreign Minister Jan Kavan (with a STB/KGB file under the name of KATO), Prime-minister Zeman and the former prime-minister and now President of the Representative's Council of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Vaclav Klaus and other representatives and senators.

This is totally unacceptable and a clear violation of human rights and I urge you, Mr. President, to look into this matter and inform the Czech Republic government to follow the rule of law instead of their own unjust unlawful proceedings against Mr. Hucin.

Let me tell you about him first.

Mr. Hucin is held without a bail under suspicion of illegal possession of firearms which is an unjustified accusation because he is a policeman and a member of BIS (the Czech FBI) and as a special agent Mr.Hucin was working on leftist extremism in the Czech Republic. Many members of the Czech Government did not like his work and that's why Mr.Hucin is in jail now (i.e., to keep him quiet and to find out about his informers, which one of them was already found dead under a very suspicious circumstances.)

Almost a half of the parliament is either former members of STB (Czech KGB) or a former members of the Communist Party that switched their party affiliation right after the Velvet Revolution.

Vaclav Havel is a known former communist, but he never acknowledges that at all. His file vanished as did the file of KGB agent Vaclav Klaus and Foreign Minister Jan KATO Kavan. The whole country (it would seem) is now ruled by the communists once again.  In fact, it was never any different and that is a hard pill for me to swallow.

Mr. Hucin is held in jail and his lawyer tried to have him released but the state attorney argued that Hucin could influence the witnesses and that would not be good for the case. This situation is unacceptable and clearly a violation of his rights.  The latest development in this case is that the prosecution is trying to move Mr. Hucin to a psychiatric prison hospital for a "observations".

That is the same tactic the communists used in bygone days, and Mr. Hucin's lawyer has no power to protect him.  That is very alarming and disturbing. Therefore I urge you, dear Mr. President, to follow the only possible course of action and to inform the Czech Government about America's stand in this matter and to warn the Czech Government not to abuse the human rights laws they signed and to release Mr. Hucin immediately.

As to Vaclav Havel and his government, he was never elected by the voters and is helping the communist rulers to get away with every unjust and unlawful act as in the case of Mr. Hucin.

Thank you Mr. President, from Mr. Hucin, his family and friends and we wish you good luck in your work and every day challenge as a president of our land and country.

Jan Malina
Federal Way  WA