Grand Strategy in the Age of Mass Destruction


BL = Big Lie

SL = Small Lie

T = Truth

TOT = Totally Out of Topic

R = Repetition

C = Contradiction

NP = Needle Prick


The purpose with this file is to show the pattern of the mixture.


Diana and Ron: What Was Going On?


BL: The opinions of the U.S. chiefs of staff, based on geography and strategic priorities, were far more    important.  (than Communist influence. Regarding the launching of the Second Front.)

T: It’s revealing that FDR, at Stalin’s behest, shut down the anti-Communist State Department, assigning its members to other posts and dispersing its excellent library.

NP: She is “connecting the dots” in a way that blinkered historians have failed to do. (Emph. added)

SL: Still another high-level KGB defector, the not always reliable Pavel Sudoplatov,……(Emph. added)

T: When KGB courier Victor Kravchenko defected in March 1944, Hopkins made strenuous efforts to have the “deserter” returned to the USSR.

T: In May 1943, when Hopkins was told by J. Edgar Hoover that a Comintern agent, serving as Third Secretary of the Soviet Embassy, was transferring large amounts of money to West Coast CPUSA honcho Steve Nelson to place agents “in industries engaged in secret war production,” Hopkins immediately notified the Soviet Embassy.

T: It was the latter (Harry Dexter White) who drafted the Morgenthau Plan, calling for the post-war de-industrialization of Germany, and handling Goebbels a valuable weapon in closing months of the war.

T: Altogether over 500 agents may have penetrated the government.

T: He (Standley) was particularly frustrated by the Soviet non-response to inquiries he made about 15,000 Polish officers captured by the Russians.

BL: She (Ms. West) also doesn’t acknowledge that Britain in the end received the great majority of Lend-Lease aid.

T: (And C) But this doesn’t mean Ambassador Standley’s complaints about Lend-Lease were not fully justified.


Diana and Ron: The Second Front


BL: (And R) Stalin didn’t even care where it (the Second Front) was opened.

BL: even though Stalin hadn’t requested it (unconditional surrender of Germany)

BL: If Hitler would restore the ’39 borders, Stalin would sign on the dotted line.

SL: It was not Stalin who the British and the Americans misread, but Hitler. In fact…..

TOT: The paragraph, starting with: “The British remembered all too vividly….”

NP: The notion (Churchill’s) that Italy and the Balkans represent a “soft underbelly” speaks for itself.

BL: (And R) The role played by Communist agents of influence in aborting a Balkan invasion was minimal.

BL: The second would have been (a war crime) had it been carried out. (The Morgenthau Plan)

BL: Actually, as Plokhy shows, the Soviets treated American prisoners fairly well.

T: (And C) Those who weren’t shot on arrival were worked to death in the Gulag.

BL: (And R) The atrocity that was only contemplated, in the end, was the Morgenthau Plan.

T: (And C) It was Stalin’s plan. (The Morgenthau Plan) 

SL: (Communist symphathizers within government) particularly in the OWI, (Emph. added. What about the Treasury Department? MG)

TOT: The twenty-four (24) paragraphs, starting with: “On November 5, 1937, Hitler….” , ending with “…of the Japanese troops was published”.

SL: (Within TOT) But they were influenced not by Communists, but by the history of Germany.

BL: (Within TOT) Stalin was cautious and patient, never reckless. (like Hitler was)

BL: (Within TOT) But neither a famine nor trials of “traitors” were the kind of headline-grabbing villainies Hitler was committing.

BL: (Within TOT) Hitler was a threat to world peace; Stalin wasn’t.

SL: Before Soviet disinformation, there was German disinformation.

NP: But it’s worth noting that the myths are still repeated not, usually, by professional historians – at least not by specialists in World War l – but by journalists and bloggers. (Emph. added)

C: The Morgenthau Plan, incidentally, did nothing to Germany that Germans had not done in northern France when they retreated in 1918,

T: honor killings, female genital mutilation, “grooming”, denial of basic rights to women, censorship, persecution of homosexuals, death for apostates, etc., and the waging of jihad, the continuous war against Dar al Harb, carried on by violence and the threat of violence.

TOT: The paragraph, starting with: “West’s Death of the Grown-up   …..”


Diana and Ron: Backstory


NP: West draws on an excellent book by Dennis Dunn (a professor, by the way, at North Texas U., and thus one of those card-carrying academic historians she reviles). (Emph. added)

TOT: The five paragraphs, starting with “It’s possible he (Radosh) sees West as……..”, ending with “……Buchannanites.”  


The two statements added by request of Ron Radosh, and David Horowitz and Ron Radosh together.