Grand Strategy in the Age of Mass Destruction


Ronald Radosh

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Diana and Ron: What Was Going On?


                                                Radosh and his cohort are revealing (- ?)

                                                a real injustice



                                                ignore some of the book’s major themes


However, he was provoked.


                                                one of several Radosh never refers to (Chapter 4)

Radosh targets, correctly, the phrase

“de facto occupation”


Radosh knows something about this. (Red

Star over Hollywood)

                                                Radosh complains  


But he (Radosh) is himself guilty of a more lack of judgement in assessing evidence.

what it reveals about his lingering affection for FDR (- ?) 


Diana and Ron: The Second Front


                                                baffling misrepresentation

                                                ignores both of these

Radosh dismisses this, dissing an argument West hasn’t made.

                                                makes no mention at all of Operation Keelhaul


                                                Radosh’s refutation of “pillar 4” is particularly disturbing.

                                                You wouldn’t know it from Radosh


Diana and Ron: Backstory


purging conservatism of a fanatic             not apt


                                                whatever resentment Radosh may have felt (- ?)                                            

His articles about the Left are always

astute and informative.


Statements added by request of authors mentioned:

  1. Ron Radosh

I did not have any political agenda

I have devoted my public and professional life

I was offended as a historian

I was deeply offended


  1. David Horowitz and Ron Radosh

I (Ron) may have indeed made some errors  (- ?)

For that I apologize. But I maintain that

I am right in my overall critique (+ ?)